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INTRO Here - but not hustling.

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May 16, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia
A few years ago I was on the forum a lot. I was focussed fulltime on my entrepreneurial pursuit, which failed. Boo hoo.

I didn't fail though. The distinction is important. The business failed. I thrived.

I learned a shitload, networked and ended up in a terrific position (yes, working for the man in the rat race). This was actually good as during the start of the Covid craziness I was 'safe'. I made a great salary and had job security. A bigger salary than I'd ever made and I was frankly a little burned out (or more, embarrassed) from the entrepreneurial life. I needed some perspective and was happy for the stable pay check. I also finished my MBA during this time. However - I always knew I was building someone else's castle.

Then things settled down (at least in Australia, where I am) and I realised I was in a sticky spot: very 'successfully' living the rat race. I was happy to stay there for a bit, whilst I thought of my next business venture. But then within a serious of months, work became unliveable. I was on a path towards a huge promotion I didn't want. I won't go into detail - other than say it was my job or my integrity; and I chose the latter. No regrets.

This led to my recent FTE - I quit. People were shocked. Wasn't I going to stay there forever? (HAHAH no. I certainly was not.) I've left without a job to go to. I've had offers, but I'm a little burned out.

I have savings, a great life, I'm accomplished and in this climate I could find a job easily. Blah blah...
I want to take some time to enjoy being curious and not busy. I want to take time to do.. well, whatever I want.

And this has led me back here. I'm a couple weeks into my little career break, and I've found myself naturally coming back to entrepreneurship.
I have little ideas for businesses, but they aren't hugely scalable. I figure the more I'm around great ideas, the better I can be at generating them.
I'm also thrilled to be with go-getters again, opposed to people who are working to live and not thinking critically about their lives, future or lifestyles.

Right now, I have time and effort - but *the idea* hasn't come yet. I'm reading, working out, staying healthy (both mentally and physically), waking up early and enjoying every day. I just can't wait until I have the business idea that I can really get behind.

That's where I'm at today. Here - but not hustling.
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Speedway Pass
Oct 14, 2021
Columbia MO
Right now, I have time and effort - but *the idea* hasn't come yet. I'm reading, working out, staying healthy (both mentally and physically), waking up early and enjoying every day. I just can't wait until I have the business idea that I can really get behind.

The waiting for a good idea is usually action faking for most people. How are you engaging the market to find friction points?


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Oct 20, 2012
Welcome back. Throw yourself into challenges and new things. Do that and you'll discover inefficiencies and pain-points, solving those things is a business oppounrity.

Whatever you didn't like about your last job.... solving those things you didn't like is a business opportunity (one that you have 1st hand experience in). Maybe see if there's away you could make that old job better - easier for other people that work in that position - what would you need to make lifer easier for them? An app? A process? A system?

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