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INTRO Hello from the unemployed side

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New Contributor
Apr 26, 2019
Finally, after lurking around for several months, i convinced myself to post an introduction.

Im a 30 years old father/ husband and former salesman, at the moment with no job due to a job offer which went downhill after i quit my last job (the contract was already signed).
So at the moment im f***d and looking for another opportunity.
Since then (almost two months) im looking for another job just to keep afloat and make some money to support my family.
The good thing at the moment is that i have an income from an unemploymend fund from the state but that doesnt last long.

Right now im quite lost and somehow dont know what steps to take from here, i sent out many job applications but its not looking good and im getting only cancellations.
I worked over 10 years in the slowlane and have nothing to show for, of course except from my great family but not much more otherwise.

I tried some stuff on the side but nothing really seems to stick:

I bought interesting products and tried to sell them on ebay
I traded shitcoins in 2017 (Made some good money but nothing sustainable)
I resold fiverr gigs online (Made also decent money, but due to lack of control, my clients are not happy and its almost impossible to scale)
I worked at construction on a friends company on the evenings to start a real estate empire
I built homepages and so on...

The intention was there, just the execution was lacking =D

Currently im realizing that im good at many things, but not great at one thing.
Jack of all trades, master of none.
That is hunting me from day to day and i am trying to evaluate what skill to learn and be great at it.
I looked at programming, but reading on it, it takes several years to become good at it, let alone to become great at it.
And since im not the youngest anymore and have to provide for a family i cant really take that much time just to learn a skill without getting paid for it.

Im also looking at jay abrahams mind shift challenge which has very good insights on how to start from nothing since i dont seem to find a fastlane pursuit where i can build a productocracy.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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Nov 23, 2014
Welcome to the forum!

I was in kind of similar situation as you last summer. Care if I ask where you are from? I kind of have a feeling that we are fellow countrymen and in that case I have a decent network and maybe could try to pull some strings so you can find a sales job or something while you work on becoming Fastlane :)


New Contributor
Apr 26, 2019
Hello Chapas! Thanks for your reply! Funny, because two hours ago i was reading the journey you`ve posted and it was an inspriational story. I think you`re going in the right direction because you are staying active and taking action!

I live in switzerland, so i am not too far away from you, but for a job maybe a little far, but thanks for your kind offer! Since we are in a similar situation we can share our journey, great to be here!

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