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INTRO hello from the desert

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Jan 19, 2019
so...let's start from the very beginning...I was born in 1976 in Italy, grew up in that 80-90s italian atmosphere, in which if you were an average lawyer, dentist etc you were buying cash a new apartment for investment every year, driving a Ferrari and drinking your "aperitivo" at 7 pm after work, talking about football and of course food with your friends. Easy life. So I said I'll be one of those guys one day, ignoring that "one day" world would have changed...My father was a medical doctor with a decent income but very badly managed, my uncle was a dentist, other relatives in the medical field, so let's say that it was written for me to be a doctor and, after seeing that Happydent chewingum commercial with the guy driving a sport car, hanging out with beautiful ladies and going to work at the dental office in the morning, I ended up studying dentistry. 3 months before graduating, my father passed away (my mother had already done it when I was 10), so at 24 I could count only on myself already. In that moment I was close to a FTE already, thinking to graduate and then just leave to some South American country and see what happens. But I had always been a responsible guy, good student, so I just asked for 2 loans, one to open my own practice with a colleague, one to build the countryside house which was actually my father's dream, but he had time to see only the foundations. At 25 I was in the loop already. I had to work to pay 2 loans but at the same time I knew how much Time was precious, since I saw my parents passing away early. After all that sh.. I also wanted some gratification, so all this mix took me to work hard (loans) but only 4 days a week (cause time was precious and I had to enjoy it), spending all the money I was making (sidewalk gratification). I'm good in my job, so the practice was growing and I opened a second one, but then 2008 crisis hit and things started being slow, no more growth, not saving anything. At that time, some Romanian friends wanted to start some business in their home country so I said yeah let's do it (if I only knew the 5 commandments at that time...), so we ended up opening a pizza place which is actually still working, but I'm not involved anymore, and I started traveling there more and more often in the weekends, looking for opportunities. Meanwhile in 2011 I had another kind of FTE and I sold both my practice and my house, when everyone was saying I was completely crazy, but I did it just in time cause the real estate crashed after that. I still remember the day I went to the bank with the cheque to close the loan: I felt so good, light and free that I promised to myself not to make one anymore. So I started working freelance as a dentist and investing the money from the house sold. I did some speculations on a couple of lands in Romania and I "invested" in a post graduate in dental implantology in Brasil, after which, through my Romanian friends' connections, in 2014 I ended up moving to work freelance in Dubai (I know it all sounds weird ahahaha). In Dubai, among all the other bulls..., for the first time I saw things going fast (Italy is a beautiful but slowmotion country). After a year I started a medical supplying company here, trying to have some passive income (still not coming) besides my job, cause after almost 20 years I start being tired of it and I wanna quit. It's here that one of my patients, an Emirates cabin crew who was about to resign, recommended me to read TMF and after some time I did it and it connected many dots. I didn't do huge mistakes so far, so I didn't really lose money, but I never invested in the right way, so I didn't make either. The book created a brainstorming and I started, for the first time, to try to think in a different way. That's how I thought about something which could make my job easier and could make people in this field to save money. This was only a couple of weeks ago but I took action already, prepared a powerpoint and jumped on a plane to Romania for a 24 hours trip, to meet an IT guy who's now preparing a quotation which I guess will not be low, but better like this. So, if you managed to read till now, I wish I'll be able soon to update you on how this new, different and potentially Fastlane project is going :)

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May 3, 2014
England UK
Welcome @Osvaldo

Interesting intro. Dubai must be a difficult adjustment compared to the colourful beautiful of Italy. I remember coming back to the UK from spending some time in Egypt and seeing the colour of the grass atop the white cliffs of Dover. It was like I hadn't seen green before. It took my breath away. I have a friend who moved over to Dubai a year or two ago after his business and marriage imploded. I'm still not sure if he likes it there but the money is good, no tax and it was an opportunity to run away I guess.

Congratulations on finally discovering the book and this community. I think your patient has done you a great service.

Look forward to more updates. Oh and if you can write with some paragraph spaces that would help us a lot in reading.

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