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INTRO Hello... from The Bahamas

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Jan 23, 2021
The Bahamas
Hello everyone,

I can now properly introduce myself. I had a couple of setbacks in the past (including spotty internet coverage and living adjustments due to constantly evolving C0VlD protocols). I am finally mentally centered, and can concentrate on the development of my fast lane journey and the fulfillment of my unapologetically unscripted vision.

My background is somewhat unconventional (so I've been told). I have a "regular" job (AML/Compliance), but I'd been trying to redirect my personal trajectory towards financial freedom for many years. In the process, I was exposed to the pitfalls of some major threads (in my humble estimation) embroidered within the fabric of the scripted matrix universe. I am talking specifically about:

-The ingrained Slowlane, Sidewalk philosophies that hamstring our lives to a mediocre existence... ensuring our slow marches to our graves in quiet desperation.
-The motivational/ self-help gurus that keep their adherents high on untenable positive mental vibes... all the while broke and frustrated.
-The Prosperity Gospel peddlers that keep people gambling their lives (and hard earned money) on obscure "hope" and the elusive financial miracle breakthrough just around the corner.
-The Internet enterprise gurus that promise high returns on premium priced internet products and services systems, that evolving technology has rendered outdated and obsolete.
-The MLM peddlers that constantly peddle questionable business opportunities through high pressure sales tactics.

My painful past experiences run the entire gambit. I'd invested heavily in self help material (Napoleon Hill, David Schwartz, George Clason, Dale Carnegie to name a few). I'd even invested in an MLM that shrewdly combined this material with Monavie. Honestly, I've been involved with more MLMs than I care to count. Any "personal development breakthroughs" and "financial profit" I made was always short-lived. In addition, I'd made money on only one of the many Internet enterprises I had created, though it didn't cover my production costs. I even witnessed the gimmicks and tactics of a few "name-it-claim-it" prosperity gospel personalities up close. Some offered elaborate promises of financial miracle breakthroughs for new houses, jobs and cars--but only after people "sowed" $100/$500/$1,000 seed offerings to their ministries. Any donations to those outfits always amounted to nothing more than a gambling opportunity, with odds no better than a lottery ticket bought at the corner drug store. I have a number of disillusioned friends and relatives!

I've finally read the Fastlane Millionaire, Unscripted and Wealth Exposed books cover to cover and my eyes were opened in ways I didn't know possible. I can now look sympathetically and critically at my past. As I reflect on past struggles to change my life and trajectory through self help material, and unconventional business opportunities, I can finally concede that I didn't know that I didn't know... but thought I knew :(. In addition, I've recommended the books to a few of my friends who are also seeking to change their lives.

I can now formulate an intelligent, disciplined life-centered strategy that encompasses my health, my freedom and positive relationships. I am already blessed with one part of the trifecta--my health.

I look forward to connecting with fellow fastlaners through this indispensable forum. I look forward to contributing via opinions and experiences, as I learn and develop from other people's experiences. I hope to create life-long friendships here.

Finally, I can focus on developing a business system that will create many possibilities for me to do work that honors my soul... not the ever changing dictates of the scripted global economic machinery.


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Oct 20, 2012
Was this written with a t i c c Caribbean accent? Because that's how I read it mon.

LOL sorry.

Good luck with your journey. Anything is possible with a plan, hard work and enough time.


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Mar 24, 2021
London, UK
Welcome to the forum !

As you can probably relate, we humans tend to overcomplicate things when in reality :

Offer value = get paid.
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