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New Contributor
Jun 21, 2020
Hi I am Andrew, Belarus, 19 y.o.

WhenI was 16-17 y.o. searched in internet such query "How earn money in internet" P.S on russian language.
I am starting to read all information books/artices and so after year of reading information want to do something i was trying niches youtube,web-design,creating apps, copywriting but got zero money, first niche where got some money was cryptocyrency (first money got via bounty-companies), then i create a tablet which got all the bounty companies, kept reports and issued ready for posting ( i was creating it from zero knowledges ,just because i had that problem and didn't wanted to do same work every day - made a solution), got at least 1 sell - 5$.
At least from crypto done something like 30-50$(1-2 month working).
Than have to go school and forgot about all this, remembered when had already entered university and start to searching ( i am lazy-potato) so than I found (in winter) an affilate marketing (adult/dating niche) and start doing something, to be honest with ourselves i have worked no more than 2 months and made at least 700$, it's good money in my country (average realy money earning by people in Belarus 250-350$, not IT), but the way to do it, khmm , i don't realy like it(something like spamming but not at all), but i got some skills from this niche something like automatization web-process (via post/get request), some reverse engineering, working with API's , skills in python and some libraries and a little other technical skills.

So past everning I realized that I will not do this all my life, because it's look like a scam, and that's not what i was looking for when putting in web-browser query='how iearn money in internet'.

Than started searching good niches to deal with (now on English) after +- 30 minutes i found a video in preview was man 30-35 y.o. and PORSCHE 911(it's my dream car) i clicked and it's was video about affilate marketing with amazon so i spend 2-3 hours to watching the video, and in one moment he mentioned your book, to be honest, I didn’t like the name at first, but I remembered the moment in the video, so after 2-3 hours money on internet account was over and i was dissconnected, it was something like 22:00-23:00, i was thinking what to do (don't want to sleep earlier than 2-3 in summer time) and i remembered about the book so i turn on paid internet on the phone in 5 minutes i found the book and download it (russian name of the book, i like it realy =' Get rich! A book for those who dare to earn a lot of money and buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini') and i started to read, forgot about time it's first time when such happends i have read 400 pages (average reading something like 10-20 pages ) and don't tired but at clocks was 5.30 morning and i can't stop reading because it was too intresting and something like ammmm i don't know the word to describe this emotions on english (but 1/10 my emotions i can describe on russian = это блять просто ахуенно), it's was not average book about success as David and 2 dads (laught so loud when read this xD) i know some of things which describes on this book but forgot about them because my last year or years was not to give value but got money(deep down I understood that this was not my way , did not get pleasure when i got money, just ok i more sucessfulier than my classmates, but realy pleasure i got when share some solution to my friends which help then to solve his problem ,it's was realy good) and this book helped recall all these real important things and structurise them, but i don't read all book right know so i'll read it in 1-2 days(it's session time right now).

Second time i don't have any words to describe my thanks, but at this time no words in russian too. I think that it's the book which i was founding 2-3 years ago when put the query
How earn money in internet
Thank you to save my best years, not to working as hamster, but give me a reasons,plans,imagination,knowledge and such a wonderful forum , to produce value and earning money, not to just earning money without producing anything besides negative emotions from "customers".

And i think that it will change my life.
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Platinum Contributor
Speedway Pass
Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Welcome to the forum, start up an execution thread and lets hear a plan!


New Contributor
Jun 21, 2020
Welcome to the forum, start up an execution thread and lets hear a plan!

I ll start from far.
1 month ago i have to rent a VDS-server, so i was my first time, i don't know anything about this but i had to launch on this VDS android-emulator(i put bad requests to google so i have no answer) , so (i am chatting in Telegram) i start to asked my friends no one know, than i asked other person from another chat and he steps by steps help me to solve this problem.

The steps was:
1)Buy right VDS which supports VT(virtualozation technology)
2)Select right parametrs(consumption pattern unlimited with big speed 1TB/S or unlimited 100MB/S, and other paramets)
3)Customization VDS (like upload DRP and install drivers and other)
4)Customization emulator for better perfomance.

So where he monetized me ?At first step , he gave me an affilate link and by my purchasing he can got commisions.

What he done?
He smoothed out all the sharp corners (explained how to do this) which led me to organic buying and he got commisions.

And it is not first time, in mostly times i have make a little research to know exactly is it right product which solve my problem or not.

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