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fast lane

  1. humthesongg

    I trained an AI GPT model (Request for feedback) Opportunity cost Flight analyst

    Hey everyone, Not too long ago, I had an idea for a flight analysis widget aimed at changing the way people compare their travel through Google Flights. Instead of merely considering the price, this widget would delve deeper into the concept of "opportunity cost" by factoring in the value of...
  2. Stoicism42

    Fired From my First Job & my Fastlane Journey

    My FTE: I graduated from college last year & got a job in a big financial firm (I thought I had made it). I found the work incredibly boring & was not putting in too much effort, so one month into the job my manager told me I needed to try harder or I would get fired. I freaked out & started...
  3. DCG

    Problems/Needs Thread

    I wanted to make this thread because I feel like it could help others as well as myself find problems that people have with products and services. So if you have problems with a product or service you bought (you most likely will) just complain about here so that maybe someone will make that...
  4. Oavstudios

    Oscar is my name I am ready to take a challenge

    Thank you @MJ DeMarco for writing the millionaire fastlane. This book is really straight to the point and give enough examples of how to get it done. Plus articulates in an intelligent way what it is common sense for a lot of people but can’t put into words or act in the manner. It is like a...
  5. S

    Fastlane book

    Hi everyone. First of all sorry for my english cause im not too good at it. I bought fastlane book one hour ago and i want to Ask you. Is this book really good? This book changed your mind? Are you earning more after you read it? Thanks for all answers and i Hope its gonna really work!
  6. M

    Dreams and no money...

    Hi, my name is Michal, I'm from Poland, I have a huge dream of buying my dream car and taking my most wonderful girlfriend on her dream vacation, but currently I don't know what to do in life, and I would like to earn a lot of money at a young age. I dream of being rich and currently have...
  7. DCG

    Actually going to do something part 5

    I finally fininished the CSS tutorial!!!. I am extremely happy about it. I then followed a youtube tutorial on making a login form and here is the final result. I think it's pretty cool. Now that I learned html and css Im now going to learn javascript. I've been playing around with chat gpt and...
  8. J

    An introduction and a messy tale

    Hello all! A quick rundown of my life the past year and the multiple FTE’s I’ve faced and what’s next. First off, I’m a 24 year old male. I’ve lived in the west coast in the USA for all my life. Faced a good deal of adversity’s. The defining moment for me this year is when I left my MLM...
  9. ericaung

    (Investing Advice Needed) Where would u park your money while on slowlane to go fastlane in next few years?

    Hello All, Let me introduce bit abt my self. I am 26 years old guy, based in Singapore, have no responsibilities, no debt and 6 figures salary job. As u read 10 year Plansy in MJ's new book Great Rat Race Escape, couples plan to escape wage slavery. I am also planning to quit my job in next 2...
  10. Alex1331

    How should I finance a business

    Hello guys, I`m 17 year old and have an inovative business idea, but in order to start my own company and create the product, I`m going to need more than 50K. For me that`s a lot of money. What should I do? How can I earn this amount of money to launch the product as soon as possible? Thank you...
  11. Ilke

    Digitizing the bulk documents (marketing ideas)

    Hi everyone, This is my first ever post after applying many ways of action-faking instead of action-taking. A short introduction; I am 36 years old, not married but have a long-term girlfriend, I have a typical 9-5 job which doesn't satisfy me professionally hence it is my affecting my personal...
  12. _LuisCarmona

    Slowlane exit debate

    Hi everyone, today I want to open a Debate about the work and ways to get out from the slowlane, but first, I want tell you an little history, my own history. (Some of context) In my previous post Told you that I'm an inmigrant, well I left my country 3 years ago, (without delving into...
  13. L

    Introducing myself!! A little background about me and my goals. Hope I can have a moment of your time.

    Hey Fastlane Fam!! I am from the beloved Philippines <3 Please take a moment to read a short summary of me. As a student, I was never on the bottom yet never at the top. I did very minimal studying yet always had a place among the 'best in class'. I was never satisfied with simply memorizing...
  14. L

    Hello, Fastlane .

    Hi I am Andrew, Belarus, 19 y.o. WhenI was 16-17 y.o. searched in internet such query "How earn money in internet" P.S on russian language. I am starting to read all information books/artices and so after year of reading information want to do something i was trying niches...
  15. Mritunjay


    Sir, as you have mentioned in your book UNSCRIPTED about cancer analogy, i give a week thinking about my cancerous problem and i found one that is hurting me, not only me but everyone in my nation( i have studied marketmind!!) so i work on that Problem by putting my heart and soul but soon i...
  16. Biruk

    Hey there fastlaners .

    i am Biruk from Ethiopia. I think i am the only Ethiopian in this forum. I'm a university student and i read the millionaire fastlane about a year ago and it was a big eye opener for me .Everything mj talks about in this book is very REALISTIC and ACTIONABLE . And since i live in a 3rd world...
  17. ultrasounder

    A compulsive slow laner for life getting into the fastlane(HOV lane)

    Hi Everyone, I am a 42 year old Electrical Engineer who has been slammed around like a ping pong ball from one job to another, one company to another and tired of playing the corporate whackamole. Things have come to a head in my recent job where I had to take a pay cut and work with inept...
  18. Viktor

    My first business

    About me: 20 years old CS student and this is my first attempt at business 1. What problem am I solving ? - Procrastination and unproductivity among students (and others) 2. How am I solving it? - I'm creating a blog with 52 articles teaching you productivity habits, concepts and principles...
  19. Megalodon

    Can you be a little bit slow and fastlane at the same time?

    Hi all, So I've just finished TMF and it's actually blown my mind. I'm going to have to take a few days and probably read it again to process to be honest. Personally, based on the roadmaps, I'm somewhere between the sidewalk and the slow lane. I got a job out of school selling luxury cars...
  20. Lucky Lu

    Dilemma. Perfect timing to mess with my decision.

    Hi guys, First of all I want to address my experience with this forum. After reading MJ´s first book came directly here and after learning how the forum worked started to have the best of times learning and most of all, reinforcing my idea and motivation to switch into the fastlane. I am a...