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EXECUTION From Starving Artist to Fastlane(ish)

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Nov 23, 2014
Long time, no see my fellow fastlaners.

First of all, this progress thread is not about me. It is about my wife. Fortunately, she is not starving that much as I have a decent paid marketing/sales job, but now it is time for her to make some dough!

I have previously had my own progress thread in here: EXECUTION - From 0 to Freedom in 3 Months

That thread gave me so much motivation and inspiration - especially your advice and support was a daily dose of motivation for me.

I have put my own venture on hold for quite some time now. I am in a position at my "slowlane" job right now that makes it hard for me to pursue my own venture (contract, legalities and stuff). So I thought to myself; why not make my wife somewhat of a fastlaner? Or at least grow her income to a point where she can help support our lifestyle?

About a year ago I created another thread in here: Ideas to Monetize My Wife's Drawing Skills

The advice you guys gave us was invaluable. As it happens often, life took us in other directions, and after a struggling 2019, we are now finally in a position to focus on creating a business again and implementing some of the ideas.

What a specifically remember from the thread is two of you were suggesting that we should combine her drawing skills with a few other skills - inspired by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. While my wife is an amazing artist (I truly believe that), there are a lot of amazing artists around. Yet, This is what she was born to do (cliché i know). This means that she does not have that many other relevant skills she can combine it with such as writing, marketing or sales. Add the fact that she just started learning English 6 months ago, and it already does not look like the perfect recipe to succeed in this game. So what do we do from here?

We combine her skills with my skills!

Why we haven't done that before is beyond my understanding. My creativity and insane ideas, experience with marketing and sales as well as my way with words (especially in my native language) combined with her awesome drawing skills = a pretty decent recipe to succeed I believe.

While she has been drawing the old-school way with pencils, markers and watercolours her whole life, we finally had the opportunity to invest in an Ipad Pro for her this year. She is quickly picking up the digital way of drawing and this is what we mainly will focus on in the future.

So what is the plan?

Like always, I have to many ideas in my mind. I believe that they all have some kind of potential, therefore, I plan to split-test them all in order to see which one(s) we should go with. So far she has just sporadically been drawing 2-3 portraits a month from random requests through Instagram or my personal network, and now we want to make her work much more scalable.

I already failed once with my goal-setting for a progress thread in here, however, I am ready to fail again if that is what it takes. Better try and fail, than to not try at all!

Inspired by the amazing and inspiring thread of @GuitarManDan I will add numbers below that I will update as much as possible.

2020 Revenue Tracker: $250 Revenue / $20,000 Goal

Passive Income Tracker: $0 Per Month / $2000 Goal

I hope some of you might be inspired by this thread - I will try to update it as much as possible.

Will make a post in the next coming days about the projects I will be split-testing. For now, I will just post some of the different stuff she has been drawing in the last year.

Wish you all a successful year my friends!

IMG_4923.JPG IMG_9706.JPG IMG-20200129-WA0012.jpg IMG-20200129-WA0006.jpg IMG-20190909-WA0032.jpg IMG-20200202-WA0007.jpg image-10-02-20-08-19-2.jpeg image-10-02-20-08-19.jpeg image-10-02-20-08-19-1.jpeg

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Nov 23, 2014
So I promised to make a short post about the different projects and strategies we want to pursue to reach our goal. Some of them more simple than others.

Project 1: LinkedIn

In my 'slowlane' job I have really learned how invaluable LinkedIn is for B2B, and I am slowly starting to reap the rewards from it.

Since my wife is from a country that are not very fond of LinkedIn, and her professional network is quite small, we need to build her a network from scratch on LinkedIn. Building a network of like-minded people in her industry and potential prospects in the B2B sector is key. No sales pitches here, just purely networking and exploring opportunities.

Goal: 500 LinkedIn connections by the end of 2020
Steps to goal: Send personalized connection requests to 50 relevant people a week

0/2150 connection request sent
0/0 people connected
0/0 leads/opportunities created
$0 earned thanks to LinkedIn

Project 2: Custom Portraits

This is my favorite one, and probably the one where I see the most potential. I have a market I would consider myself quite of an expert in. This project has both the possibility of being a good side income without to much work, as well as it has the possibility of scaling to an almost passive income business with the right systems build in. Any of the two outcomes would be considered a success for me.

Realistic Goal: 20 orders a month by the end of 2020
Grant Cardone Goal: 100 orders a months by the end of 2020 (10X would be too optimistic, so we stick with 5X)
Steps to goal: Various marketing activities. Will update what works and what not.

0/180 orders
$0 earned

Project 3: B2C market

Same market, almost same target audience. I want to create a synergy between these projects, so they can help sell and market each other. The plan here is to create an online store aswell as to sign up to various sites such as Displate, Etsy etc. I will of course take some marketing effort to get people to buy my wife's art with so many awesome artists around. Fortunately, I live and breathe marketing, so I believe that we have a chance to make some passive income here.

Goal: $1000 a month by the end of 2020 combined from own site and affiliates such as Displate and Etsy.
Steps to goal: Create a bunch of awesome stuff for our target audience and then be as visible as possible on various sites and social media pages. And of course just hustle, hustle and hustle.

0 orders
$0 earned

I have two other projects in mind aswell. One is B2B, but it will be down prioritized at this moment due to the Corona virus, as it might affect my B2B target audience quite a bit. Other one is still on the drawing board, and will wait a little will that.

Wish you all a great hustle!

Entre Eyes

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Sep 7, 2019
So much potential my friend congrats. But no reason not to be making some revenue and you may also get an idea on how to expand...tshirts, logos, covers, coffee mugs etc.

Just do a search for hand drawn gigs on fiverr...some are alot more than $5 even over $100. :)

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