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From Austria with a passion for Forex, Finances and Tech


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Dec 29, 2021
Hey Fastlaners,

here is an 27 year old from Austria with a passion for Forex, Finances and Tech. I got into Trading about 3 years ago and im hooked since. Typical journey of buying into the get rich quick schemes that come with it. But figured out by staying in the game that there is a way to become profitable in this but only with perserverance.
Im far away or should i say not at level where i can be financially independet, but reaching a certain threshold in Trading was a big mile stone for me.

I moved to Vienna a year ago where im currently working in Customs & Clearance.
I made this move because the last 16 years i was living at small small town surrounded by the lake of constance.
Was always mesmerized when i was visiting bigger city by the hustle that was going on there and made my efforts look almost non existent which is something motivating to me.

I have no college degree and just looking to get my high school diploma this year.
Im wondering since im into Trading & Tech if i should pursure a degree in Computer Science ( hint: The cost to study as an Austrian in Austria is 400$ a semester, which is compared to North American Standards laughable cheap, also the reason why im considering to get into it )

Since university's are never at the fore front of producing entrepreneurs and innovators im not sure if studying is what i should do.
Getting into coding, blockchain is the Tech Aspect of interest to me.

Anyway if anyone comes up to this Message or even MJ himself reads this.
i want to share my thanks to the Community and the value this Forum provides to everyone that wants to break out of the Rat Race, be more, become more & not moving with the masses.
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