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Entrepreneurs Are Long-Term Builders

Discussion in 'Lessons from Success/Failure' started by Mattie, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Mattie

    Mattie Platinum Contributor Speedway Pass

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    May 28, 2014
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    What is an Entrepreneur? This is what many individuals do not understand. If you're in the forum most likely some event occurred and you're searching for away out of your certain situation.

    This may be the pivotal point. Your old lifestyle, false belief system, everything you've ever known is torn down. If you ever watched an Excavator, they knock down all the old buildings, foundation, bushes, trees, steel, concrete, and break through anything that's in their way.

    Then they fill in the land, level it out, do what they need with the earth to make it stable, solid, and ready for the foundation of the next project. They have different contractors who play their part in building the new project. This may be electricians, laying concrete, carpenter's, roofers, and the list goes on. All these people work together as a team, but have different goals, talents, and specialize in their services.

    All of them network, they are part of the community. I come from and Entrepreneur state of Michigan, so I know no matter what kind of Entrepreneur, most of them have dedicated their lives to building a better community for all.

    While they have their obstacles, their events, their trials, their mistakes, ups and downs, they're always geared to the long-term picture of the whole community. Whether that's on the micro-macro level depends on what geographical area, philanthropists, fundraisers, grants, and donations.

    Entrepreneurs bring value to the community. The main theme here is the bigger picture, the whole group, and the word "Build". The average person doesn't see all the work behind the scenes. This is the fallacy in general when the main population, believes it's easy to be an Entrepreneur. It just happens over night, there is some kind of quick fix, over night success, and is a short-term venture, where you get short-term gains.

    There is a certain point you start building a new life style, with new ambitions, new motivations, new intentions, and letting go of anything that doesn't pertain to moving in a more positive direction to meet your goals.

    The whole process involves educating one's self long-term, constantly staying on top of your game, upgrading every year, paying attention to where you're going, and staying focused on the goal whether you have to make sacrifices and give up temporarily time to play and have fun.

    There are times you don't see a reward immediately. You may not get any reward. This is not for everyone. This is disciplining your mind, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Getting over every fear you have inside yourself.

    This is re-inventing your life from communication, presentation, etiquette, eliminating negative emotional and negative mental patterns. This unlearning everything you've ever known and been taught in life, and reaching beyond your self-limited beliefs.

    This is stretching your emotional and mental limits. This is getting out of your comfort zone and doing what you don't want to do and doing it anyways.

    There's no easy way in building a new life for yourself or even your community. There is a process and as one Entrepreneur taught me in life "Do things right the first time, or don't do it at all." He was never afraid of what people thought of him, and he meant business. Do things right, or your wasting his time.

    Now sure, by human nature, we're stubborn, we might not want to bend, do the work, resist, struggle, fight it, but eventually we have to bend, adapt, adjust, and apply, or life just reminds us the hard way, there is no easy way out of success.

    It will take us as long as we want it to take, but fortunately, through trial and error we learn there is only one way. Long-term gains over short-term gains, because short-term means temporarily we have a profit, but may not have it a year from now or forty years from now.

    The majority of people are impulsive, and operate on short-term thinking, which leads to what I can gain right now, versus what can I gain long-term even if I get no rewards until further down the road.

    If you ever seen someone build, they make sure they have all the education, training, tools, equipment, paper work, and of course, if they try to build with lack of education, the wrong tools, breaking local building codes, they end up building weak foundations, homes that fall over in the natural disasters, and perhaps the building is crooked, missing pieces, and it collapses immediately.

    Entrepreneurship consists of many pieces to the equation and self-mastery in different areas. If one has the belief, they're going to succeed on a few pieces of information, they're not going to reach the goal long-term. For one to take you seriously, you must show in action, you're doing your part, independent, can handle responsibility without someone else having to tell you what to do. This is self-reliance, self-motivation, self-determination, and not relying on others externally to always problem shoot for you and navigate your way. This isn't about someone else telling you the answers, but you finding the answers.

    Entrepreneurs are your builders of systems, technical, mechanical, innovative, creative, and make the world go around in many different ways on the micro-macro level.
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