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Does everyone struggle to learn code?


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Sep 3, 2019
It's very hard. I'm at code bootcamp and it is a serious challenge. Everyone in my group has struggled at some point. But we worked through it.

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Sep 25, 2014
Manhattan, NY
Of course few companies/products require OO code.

I like to think as imperative as automatic transmission car and oo as manual transmission.

Does it matter to your delivery business if your unable to drive manual?
I would strongly argue OOP will make a developer/development teams's life/lives a lot easier.

Let's take an example.

I have 100 tables in my database.

Every single table shares one trait - a created, and updated time stamp, they are universal between all models.

Creating a base class on my backend that all of my models inherit from will save me from writing the code to add the created and updated time stamp 100 times. I only have to write it once.

Practices like this ensure a few things.

1. If there is a bug, I can look in one spot to fix it.
2. I'm not duplicating code, which means less work for me.
3. Readability is easier when breaking things out into separate classes, which means again, easier debugging, and easier to have someone else work on the code with you.
4. Easily scalable. Abstracting out logic means faster turn around on features. Say I have to make a bunch of API calls to different resources to fetch data. If I can write the logic to make the calls, and store the returned data, and have the classes with the different calls inherit from this class so that you just need to give it an endpoint and it does the work for you - it's much better than writing the methods to call and store the data every single time you have a new source.


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Jul 31, 2019
I'm learning JavaScript on Codecademy, and so far I've been understanding most of it. However, I'm currently completely lost on an Advanced Objects project.

Does everyone struggle to learn code? I feel really dumb right now, and not sure if I should just look up the solution and skip ahead.
I think three months of daily effort is the time frame to feel like your not drowning any time you code.

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