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OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else get bored and hop from one idea to the other? Ffs...

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New Contributor
Mar 20, 2021
No need to apologize mate, I got your point.

Maybe my point could be made clearer. So, here it goes:

Stop thinking only about selling for MILLIONS in equity in the "end". Start thinking about cashing in multiple digits in profits along the way.

This way you make the process much more pleasurable and rewarding - while freeing yourself from the obssessive focus on money and allowing you to develop other areas of your life/personality and become more happy and whole as an individual - while still be KILLING in business.

This way you become richer, happier and much more free.

And yes, bootstrapping is WAY better, imo.
Shoot lol maybe I should have specified.

When I say sell for milions in the end, I was thinking I would grow my business super quickly and hit something like $400-500k in revenue. Then I'd look for people who might be interested in acquiring. I'm not sure how exactly valuation is calculated but I'd assume super fast growth + lots of revenue & profit = sell for millions.

I was always planning on making profit along the way haha, not just building for 1-2 years before launching to the public(the kind of horror stories you hear about in the media from time to time) only to have it flop.

Thanks for the feedback brother

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Jan 7, 2021
Not sure. Hung out with fam yesterday and now I'm back to work. I'll do some research right now and pick a good idea that will make me profitable within 3 days maximum.

That should stop me from shiny object syndrome.
I understand the hurry, but that seems delusional, unless your target profit is like $3 then yes there are ways to make $3 profit in 3 days max.

I would be careful with your frame of mind right now because you are prime target for get rich quick schemes out there. Business takes months and years to develop. It's like planting seeds and watching for it to grow which takes patience.


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Sep 11, 2018
It won't.

Whatever business you try to build is going to take a minimum of one year of committed action on your part. Maybe that is one year in 12 consecutive months or maybe it is one year broken into two six-month blocks or four three-month blocks or 12 one-month blocks and all of that may not happen within a single calendar year.

Even then, you will probably barely be at a full-time income. Some people do things faster. Grow bigger faster. But not most people.

I get bored with a lot of ideas so I start businesses that meet the following criteria:
  1. Can be launched fast
  2. Can be profitable fast
  3. Will be semi-passive once it's up and running
  4. Can survive in the background while I work on other things
You aren't going to change your physiology. You aren't going to stop getting bored. You need to learn how to capitalize on your strengths and make the most of your weaknesses. This is about becoming a resourceful person.

Pay attention to your cycles of interest.

I lose interest in things about 5-6 weeks in. Then I let those things sit on autopilot, sometimes for a whole year while I work on something else. Then, when my interest in the first thing picks up again, I get back to it.

Some things hold my interest a lot longer than others. But I know there's always a chance that they won't, so I am prepared to transition into another business at anytime that I was already working on.

I use the term "business" loosely because I think of all of the different ideas as semi-passive income streams that are all part of one big business, "my business" rather than a bunch of individual businesses.
This ^^

Also, this thread might be useful, I found the first comment to be invaluable (there's also a video on one of the other OP's comments) HOT TOPIC - Are you an ENTP and wonder why you can't get things done when working for yourself?

Common advice is to work sequentially, and for people who can, that's ideal. But for some people that doesn't work, unfortunately. As Lex said, turning that into a strength might be the way to go for you.

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