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NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

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Sep 25, 2019
Courier for a medicore NYC messenger service.
Delivery/kitchen prep for a health-food shop.
Produce inspector in the sketchiest part of town.
Technical assistant for a jewelry company.


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Jun 8, 2019
I had many jobs. As I choose them myself, they all weren’t really bad.

The first was bricklayer, hard, much fun I learned a ton of things I used in my life.
I did that some years in the holydays. Ashes on my head: someday I was payed much too much as a mistake and didn’t tell. That was the end Of that job.( but so the beginning of my raeally good ones.

Cleaning man in a big cleaning column. We worked really hard effectively, so we solved our must in a short time. And we were a good team and had much fun.
In the end we were fired. To much fun, no respect of assholes.

The worst one was in a cardboard factory. Stacking Cardboards. Afte one day I rold the, to do that shit alone. Well, I only started as it was up to that day the best payed job. Here I learned, that money isn’t all.

I love it remembering to the jobs I had, because they all are stories of my life. And my life was good .


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Oct 23, 2020
Over the years:

Typist in the accounts dept of a paper supplier - as ‘interesting’ as it sounds.
McDonald’s - seemed to be constantly on cleaning duty.
Waitress - loads of times.
School dinner lady.
Shop girl in a chemist/drugstore
Telephonist in a builders merchant.
Handing out flyers for various stuff.

The theme that’s running through this thread very strongly is that entrepreneurial types are both restless and willing to do almost anything for some quick cash!


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May 9, 2021
I sort of like menial work that has a steady workload, because I can zone out and do moving meditation.
That being said, there were two jobs that tried to kill my soul.

1) Dishwasher at a pizza place - I will never forget walking out of work looking like a prune; ...or having to clean up the sh!t-crusted employee toilet or counting heroin needles from behind our dumpster for reporting
2) Level one tech support - Everything is your responsibility but you will NEVER have the time to give things the care they deserve. Perpetual pain and fire, everyone is on edge, everyone was gunning for each other.

Right now I work at a pretty easygoing corpo IT job, mostly shuffling papers and dying inside and thinking about my coding courses. Thing is, at certain times everything goes from 0-60 in a second and I'm suddenly working weekends and evenings. The tedium and constant low-level stress has been really toxic, and even drove me to drinking for a bit.
Unfortunately, it gives me just enough time to squeeze on by with my online learning and lets me pay the bills and save some cash, so I'll be stuck here for the forseeable future. I just hope it isn't too long, because a coworker in my same role has been there for 14 years and I think I can see that the light inside him has died.

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