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  1. S

    How did MJ pay rent while building his business?

    I get that you’re supposed to value your time over money, but realistically, how did he pay rent while building his business? I definitely feel like I missed something in the book. It’s the “quit your job” part that gets me, I will literally die if I do that.
  2. Israel2007

    Jobs for fifteen year's old.

    Hello everyone. I am Israel and I am searching for jobs I can do any ideas.
  3. 0

    I could use some life advice...

    So it feels like I'm at a cross-roads and could use some advice from others. Not entirely sure which way to take things right now and every path seems uncertain. So about 3 months ago I got into crypto, mainly NFTs. Turned 8k into about 40k. (Made a bunch of mistakes and lost some money, made...
  4. Orionlab

    How will you solve this problem if you are me?

    Hello here. This is my first time posting here and I am trying to make it as natural as I can. Reading Unscripted ™ by @MJ DeMarco actually help me to see money from a different and more better perspective. I got to learn that money is a trade exchange of value, and the more value you deliver...
  5. allen0879

    Jobs aren't bad.

    A lot of people seem to think jobs are anti-fastlane. If it's your end goal, then that's probably true. If it's one step in a larger entrepreneurial journey, it may be the best choice. This is an example of something I ran into from another thread. I thought it would be an interesting...
  6. F

    GET TO COLLEGE! (Because I failed at business.)

    Here is my perspective. I think that if you're unsure of what you want to to do with your life, you should go to college until you figure it out. I love MJ's book, but one issue I have with it is his hatred of college education and getting a job. The millionaire fastlane claims that there are...
  7. NorthItalyGuy

    Tired of my life.

    I am 22 years old and I have been doing a shitty job for two years from now. But the real question is: What led me to become a grastronomist in the most important supermarket company in my area?(my first and until now unique job) Well, i think my past choices. (and yes @MJ DeMarco , if you...
  8. Crazy GG

    What job to look for while I build my business?

    Hello everyone, Right now I am desperately trying to get clients for my web-design business - I even started a 90 day cold-calling challenge thread which you can read here. However, it's not that easy in the start and I am thinking about getting a job to a) get some cash flow b) learn useful...
  9. malphax5

    Which Jobs Should Teens Get Started On?

    As I move near the end of my High School journey, I will yet come face to face with bills and rents. Since, I am young and very early to the process of building a business, I am in need of a job, or even small/online businesses that will definitely help my bills and rent out, and maybe fund my...
  10. Galaxy16

    Highest paid employees?

    Who are the highest paid employees? I read somewhere that some jobs give €55000/$60000 monthly. Was that true? Something about finances or banking employees? Maybe vice presidents? Or pilot captains? Some jobs actually do not rely completely on time, but also partially on performance, but...
  11. Mr.Brandtastic

    Still Think That "STEM Degree" is a Ticket to a Nice Job?

    Census: 74% of STEM grads don't get STEM jobs Here it is, a study showing that 74% of STEM graduate with Bachelor's degrees do not work in STEM. Yes, you read that correctly, 74% must either work jobs not pertaining to their field or go on to pursue a higher level of education. So the next...
  12. Andy Black

    Andy's Contractor CV (Breakdown, Tips & Tricks)

    Andy's Contractor CV (Breakdown, Tips & Tricks) Here's a breakdown of the CV I had when I was an IT Contractor. Being a Contractor means you live and die by your ability to get your next contract. This CV layout was honed over many years and worked very well. Hope it helps. Any takeaways...
  13. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @The-J about Creating Freelancing J.O.B.s by Accident

    AndyTalks with @The-J about Creating Freelancing J.O.B.s by Accident I'm an AdWords freelancer (with a small team). @The-J is a Facebook/Funnels freelancer. Recently @The-J complained in a thread that he's build a f**king job for himself. I figured we should have a chat as I've partly done...
  14. TonyStark

    Cavemen Invent Jobs

  15. Mr.Chaos

    Reminder 9-5'ers; we are NOT safe!

    Today, January 3rd, 2017. After having an amazing fun filled Christmas. A spectacular drunken New Years. Leading into what looks like a very promising 2017. This morning at 10-am my employer laid off 10 Engineers. Most of which did not have a rainy day fund, only a few had enough savings to...
  16. G

    Job Strategies for Young Fastlaners?

    Imagine the current situation: You are ~19 years old and have had a few jobs. You go to College for Business and drop out because the Entrepreneurship Program Head never actually ran a business himself. You've been studying business on your own time for a few years. Although you've studied...
  17. Singh

    Unconventional ways of finding a Job

    Hi I am currently looking for a new job, reason being I landed a role 6 months ago with the downside being a 2hr commute each way. I am now at a point where I have enough experience to move on. I have tried Indeed and other common forms of finding work but its like finding a needle in a...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    I'm posting this here in Your Fastlane Plan because sometimes, dead-end jobs are a necessary evil. We all have bills and obligations to pay -- sometimes dead-end *shit* jobs are just the bandaid we need to pay the bills while our greater focus is put into our efforts on business growth. So...