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Nov 3, 2007
I guess you're interested in some type of ad network like Adsense or Adbrite to place ads on your site? They don't have the greatest cpm rates. If your site is approved all you have to do in insert the html code in your page. But for keeping track of your site hits I would use something like google analytics, statcounter, or sitemeter.


Nov 3, 2007
I'm still discovery what is the best cpm ad network. You won't be able to get great rates until your site gets a decent amount of traffic. I guess I would go with adsense first. Adsense has to approve your site to make sure it has good content and that it isn't just a spam site. But with adbrite you can get going right away but the ads and rates are terrible.

Good luck


Sep 18, 2007
Adsense pays you per click (CPC) for some types of ads, and per impression (CPM) for other types. You don't have a lot of control over this and just have to kind of trust Adsense to put the best paying ads up for you. They usually do a pretty good job of it.

Managing and optimizing CPM ads can be a real pain. One network won't fill every impression for every visitor, you have to set things up so that unfilled impressions are passed on to another network. Some networks pay better for certain countries, some pay better for the first impression from each visitor...

The best solution I've found for managing multiple CPM networks is to use You can link in to several different built-in networks there and they each bid for every ad impression -- the highest bidder gets the impression. You can also work in some of the higher paying CPM networks with "proxy bids." There's more info about how all of this works on the site.

If you have a quality site with good traffic you should also try applying to the following premium CPM networks and serving them through along with the built-in networks:

Good luck! All of this can be very complicated and confusing at first, but eventually it all makes sense.


New Contributor
Jan 31, 2008
Adsense shows you both how many impressions you get (people who load the ads) and how many clicks you get. It's kind of up to how paranoid you are as to whether or not you're going to believe them. But as for "getting what you deserve and not cheated" you have to understand that all of the larger ones wouldn't be in business if they went around cheating people. They are very tough on people they think are cheating them, for a simple reason: they have clients who pay a lot of money to advertise. So there's a lot of negative buzz about all of the larger places from people who get kicked out of places like AdSense and Chitika...but that's because they were idiots who were trying to cheat.


Aug 8, 2007
John is pointing you in the right direction. However I'd recommend checking out ; they have deals with nearly all of the major banner networks, you just need an account with those networks and then it will auto optimize everything based on highest earnings -- be it Fastclick or Adsense.

However if you are just starting out, you won't get in the larger networks until you have a sizeable amount of traffic.

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