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Clear financial goals(power of setting written goals)

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Oct 23, 2017
Hi All ,
In MJ's first book ,he talks about deciding exact amount of money which you will require to become financially free . Below here I am putting amount which I will need to become financially free forever :
2 Crore INR .
I aim to achieve this figure ASAP.

I may win or I may fail but I know exactly what I am trying to achieve and will put in all the efforts to get there .

I am starting this thread so that we can post exact figure here and work towards achieving it . Aim is to keep our mind clear of all the clutter and commit to something . I hope this will keep us laser focused on our aim .
I know this forum is about giving ,creating value for our customers but having financial freedom is what most of us looking for . So lets begin ..let us post the exact amount we will need to break free from scripted life and live life on our own terms.
(Note: Please post an amount and time you will take to get there , you may write breakdown if you want ).

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Feb 9, 2012
Goals are good but consider replacing a date (which can be disempowering) with "ASAP!". Dates can be abused and deflating when you don't make it. They can also make you lazy because there's always "plenty of time" or they can be highly optimistic leading to disappointment as the date approaches and you start to realise you're not going to make it.

By using the power of "ASAP!" goal setting you can allow yourself to be better and faster than expected. I've had extreme success in a time so much shorter than I would have ever set a goal to be that I now never set dates on my goals. I always just use the power of my passion for the goal to get me there ASAP. You might be surprised at how fast you can achieve your goals if you let nature take it's course. We're often much better than we think and if you lose your way then maybe you just weren't that into it to begin with or other better things came along.

Plus, if things get in the way you don't have that meaningless fabricated date to drag you down too early. You work around what ever's currently slowing you down and re-accelerate at whatever pace you can manage or suits you at the time.

Just something to consider. ;)

P.S. It won't work for paying the rent (and other "hard date" goals or "musts" though). But ASAP does work for all goals dealing with thing's you'd "like" to achieve.
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John Hurson

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Mar 12, 2019
There is no exact figure that can make you financially stable. As much as you can and then have a plan to invest and grow your money to achieve the ultimate goal of financial freedom. Today prices are going up in month not yearly basis so we should have a financial plan on a monthly basis that how much to spend and what unnecessary expenses to avoid.

Take an example, you have $1 Million in your account then the best way to execute your plan is to map out all possible investment opportunities, risks, and money-making opportunities. If you don't have that much then start with a minimum amount and invest in different sources like a retail shop, saving plans and other areas and combine all income on a single place. Put a check and have KPI in place to measure your growth and make changes in your plan after evaluating everything from existing investments.

If you follow the above plan then I am sure you will have a financial direction that will take you to the financial freedom road.

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