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Oct 12, 2014
South Dakota
A day late, but still great
Well, maybe not great yet but still good in month eight. Really going deep in the number crunching, checking bank accounts, and calculating what it takes to be great.

What it takes is a larger time commitment.

So I'm going to commit more time to this thing we have going on here. I took today off from the day job for Labor Day and just worked on my business. From around 9 am until 8 pm just working. I feel like I could continue for hours. Honestly, I feel like I got more done today than the last 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I'm going to put in my 2 weeks notice.

I was planning to go full-time when the winter air started hurting my face when I went outside, but there was a family wedding this weekend and people's mortality was on display. Don't want to get old wondering what if, as cliche as it is.

Financially, it would take a real crisis to mess me up and I looked at everything to really consider this decision.
  • Have a few months worth of savings already
  • Bringing in enough from this business (before taxes) to cover basic living expenses only working on it a few hours a week
  • With the business, less than 20% of revenue is through SEO. 80% is through referrals or repeat buyers. A fraction of a percentage through social
traffic versus revenue.PNG
  • This is not my only income source, I have a few trickles here and there from former money chasing endeavors (ebooks, print on demand, older websites)
  • Healthcare? I can go to the VA forever. Contrary to the rest of the country, mine is actually good
  • Living expenses around $1400/mo all things considered (rent, utilities, phone, food) and willing to "eat shit" while on my winter time grind

As far as goals go, I've got them broken down into daily & weekly tasks I need to complete. Over the coming weeks, that will be improved and I'll drop a day in the life. Trust me, still going to be working "in" my business for months before I work "on" it.

Looking forward to reading this post in 3/6/12 months to see what happens.

@MJ DeMarco I was serious about this post

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