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FAILURE Beware The Naysayers


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Jun 3, 2015
Beware the naysayers; beware their negativity, beware their creeping insidious poison, for they shall be your downfall.

This is a post I saw yesterday eve in a Facebook local area biz group that I'm part of:

We ordered a delivery from __________.
Two of the boxes broke.
All the soup spilled out.
Manage to get a full refund from them .
Quite disgusting the taste of the food.Definitely a big AVOID

I pointed out that perhaps she was being a tad harsh seeing as they gave her a full refund and maybe she shouldn't attack them in such a manner. She replied that she wasn't attacking them, but rather giving them constructive criticism.

I ended our communique by pointing out that we had different views on what constituted constructive criticism. For which many people agreed.

Perhaps naysayers like this genuinely feel that this is constructive criticism, perhaps they genuinely feel that they are in someway helping.

Here was a point and response with somebody else in the thread; with my comments added in brackets:

Really, I find it really awful when people gang up against a business, specially a Chinese take away? What is the expectation, this is not *********** it's ******** for gods sake!

What a ridiculous thing to say ***!
For the record.
1: They make much more money than you and don't care about your dog walking so why so defensive of them? (Huh?)
2: I'm currently flat hunting and ********* properties are currently cheaper than in *********.(This is patently not true regarding the areas she's talking about)
3: I eat lunch most days and often at other times in ******** after the ****** and the food is also cheaper or the same as ********. (Blatant lie, the area in question is more expensive by an order of magnitude)
4: Why on earth does where we live have anything to do with an expensive restaurant (It's not that expensive, apart from maybe the duck) with cocky owners (who give her a full refund) providing shitty food with shitty service to at least some people some of the time?
I guess you feel people in ********** deserve better food for some reason? Do they deserve better dog walkers also? Good to know!
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I don't understand this rant and what I do for living has nothing to do with Chinese food, anyway gotta run, all the best! Peace
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you don't understand my 'rant'? I could talk you through it if you like? Basically your comment was stupid and offensive, had nothing to do with the point and made no sense.
Anyway, like most people who have nothing constructive left to say like to pronounce....
Gotta go, no time, need to work, have a nice day, peace and love yeah!

Etc etc...

This woman and people like her are to be avoided, they are everywhere, they talk you down and down and down, then claim to be being helpful.

They are not to be confused with people giving genuine constructive criticism; i.e. you did XYZ wrong, here is what you could/should have done, and here is how you can rectify your mistake. This is food for the entrepreneur, we need this kind of criticism, as it solicits thinking, which will lead to positive action.

Negative people are useless - they are easy to spot, everything is shit to them, the world is a crap place and they can't wait to tell you just how crap it is.

They may be sidewalk, slowlane, or even sometimes fastlane, whomsoever they are, whatever they do, just remember...

Beware the naysayers!

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