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Best marketing & ads strategies to boost my sales

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New Contributor
Dec 22, 2019
Hi all,

i'm new to this forum, I would like to have your suggestions about the best strategies for marketing & ads in order to scale up my business, let me introduce my business briefly :

I own a Shopify store, I sell Print On Demand t-shirts using Printful, my website design is just great, the site is fast in loading time and mobile friendly (I use Plak theme), i make considerable sales (net profit about (1700$/month), for advertisement i just use Facebook ads, google ads i stopped it costs too much for me.

I am selling wordlwide (except Africa), my question is : Do you any good method/strategy or advertisement agency or whatever, which doesn't cost a fortune in order to increase my sales and profits ?

I also wants to have some customers from organic traffic,I found lot people claiming the're a SEO guru, but i don't know who i can trust to work with me for a long term.

So what do you think guys ? I will consider every recommendation or/and every advice.

Thanks in advance

Are EM

Sep 10, 2019
Here is the easiest and the fastest way to boost your sales

The one thing that you have to learn is that you have to care about other people. With sincere desire to help make their life better. To give them value. To show them the right way. Once you master this, you're successful.

There is a thread somewhere by @MJ DeMarco about the biggest value you got for the money. I made a search and couldn't find it (probably typed the wrong keywords). I read it a few months ago. Well, in that thread MJ asks forum members about their biggest value they received for the money they spend. This left MJ with a desire to acquire the new products. Think about it.

To explain you further, just think about the last time you've made a purchase. Analyze your own sales behavior. It doesn't take a long time to hear from a friend that his new headset is awesome. In no time you purchase the headset. Because it will give you a quality sound and you can listen to MJ's books. But most importantly, because he is your friend and you trust him.

That's how it works! You can't cheat people, with your marketing bullshit. You are no smarter than a customer, even if you do, they have smarter friends. You have to care about your customers 100% and always go the extra mile, so they can shout about you everywhere. Provide a real value and care. Make a quality product. Be a friend with your customer. That's how the modern business works.

I'm not a native English speaker, but I'm sure I made it clear.
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Jul 30, 2018
Double down on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Focus on countries that are highly profitable and spend the most on your products.

Use influencers and grow your social following for organic growth. Run design contests/giveaways.

SEO for T-shirts is meh.

Build an email list to retarget and announce sales.


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Oct 5, 2018
Maybe you could squeeze out more of your current traffic. Do you take advantage of abandoned cart email sequences and/or exit intent pop-ups? Do you provide any upsell/down-sell offers?


New Contributor
Dec 22, 2019
Thank you all for your time and your answers, i took every suggestion & recommendation in consideration :)

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