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MARKETING BEST CRM & LP/Email Marketing Combination?

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May 23, 2014
The East Coast
Hey y’all,

Spent the last few days trying to sort this out, but finally decided to ask the hive.

BACKGROUND: Medical doctor, Marine Corps veteran, scientist. Longtime member of the forum. Divorced in 2019, rough situation, now playing to my strengths. Single father of 2 boys. Love fitness and working out, growing teams (in the Marines, at work, everywhere).
  • 2 year goal: Build out the current location to >$1MM
  • Establish the systems (workflows/checklists, inventory control, marketing, customer/patient relations, vendor (aka consultant) relationships, etc) that will allow me to replicate the model
  • Offer up this meta-system to other physicians in a franchise-like model.
  • Rinse and repeat domate the word-processes as much as possible. I only have so much bandwidth and it’s already too much to do by myself.

SITUATION: Growing boutique concierge medical practice. Explosive growth over the past 90d.
  • Adding a team to the practice to run most of the functions (RNs, Office Mgr/Admin, Web Dev, etc etc).
  • I’ve worked out the practical concept & execution of high-level TRT/Testosterone Supplementation Therapy, plus a couple of other service lines that should explode revenue growth.
  • Building the ecosystems (book, articles, local community/exercise, local masterminds, etc) around each service line.
  • Want to use AdWords, FB and Instagram marketing to 10X the growth.
  • Difficult to keep track of: inbound calls, inbound email enquiries, FB inquiries, Social Media comments.
  • Currently intermittently using SM (FB, IG, and now Linked In) plus my BLOG which will be up and running again momentarily.
  • Site is currently hosted on WIX, which is fine for now. NOT interested in the Ascend CRM which is pretty terrible.
  • I will be the marketing idea guy for the near future, at least until I am able to work out the copy and offers that people seem to gravitate towards.
    • As a result, I do NOT have time for any solution that requires hand-coding or hacking in order to optimize.

  • Have various projects (including IRL physical space renovations/upgrades) that my OM and I are discussing over phone or SMS (not workable).
    • So, Project Mgmt?
  • Have 2 RNs coming on board and we could use a centralized communications hub since they’ll be my eyes and ears in the community when I’m not there.
    • So, Slack-like product?
  • Difficult to keep track of: inbound calls, inbound email enquiries, FB inquiries, Social Media comments, website visitors.
  • I’m going to be building (with my web dev) a series of LPs and funnels for various products, services, etc and I want to be able to track them.
  • I’m also in need of a good CRM product since we’re expanding the empire into the community and building up a network of specialists and other like-minded physicians, and there’s going to be a need to do IRL deal tracking (like getting local businesses to become practice customers).

  • The way that I see it, I need:
    • An outstanding but affordable CRM solution
    • An easy to use, intuitive Email marketing/Funnel platform that allows sub pages on my domain (unless you can make an argument for why that’s not necessary).
    • Hopefully there’s an all-in-one product that can do this.
  • Project Management/Team Comms solution.
  • Bonus: Affordable and scaleable inventory solution.
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