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RANT Amazon is not worth it, I've failed and therefore, it works for NOBODY. Yes, NOBODY!

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Mar 16, 2017
I'm 100% sure Amazon is not the only thing he has failed at in life.

I know people who have success on ebay and Amazon and many other sites. I have great success myself, on a local level. It's out there if you want to get a piece of it.

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Aug 26, 2018
This whole thread makes me laugh. I'm not selling on Amazon, but if I was, it's good to know I would fail horribly because someone else failed. Anecdotes based on extremely narrow experience are how I judge everything in life, and so should you ;)


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Jun 8, 2019
I know Amazon is hard. But I get curious whether it would be able to sell something there.
Just to know.

well, I understand the frustration of the OP. And I understand his rant about A. Really.

I don’t know, whether OP still reading, but I have to say a thing or two:
yes, am a bit proud of being a German, as everyone is a proud of his ancestry.
Why do you rant on Mrs Merkel, the Bundeskanzlerin? Maybe your foult is her foult really.

Stupid people around. Second hand embarrassment


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Aug 24, 2018
If Amazon sucks, that's a business opportunity. :)

There are other options to Amazon, but do they all suck as well?

Amazon wasn't the first netshop, and won't be the last. There's room if you take it...

What came to my mind from histrory, from my country of origin, is - Wikipedia . The founder started it 1992 as a minor by selling modems on his BBS (Bulletin Board System) - before the release of Mosaic WWW browser, so it was online sales before WWW. Not exactly fastlane but in these 28 years the business has grown to a public company of market cap of 183 M€, and sales of 479 M€, which I consider very nice in a country with population as small as in Wisconsin and where retail was duopolistic, divided by two retail chains.

If you can nip 1% of retail in a state, that's a lot. (Will I? I doubt).


New Contributor
May 10, 2013
South Florida
I do not agree with the OP that everyone screaming success on Amazon is fake. I know there are people making money, but I will say I believe it is more difficult today than previously, due to ever-increasing competition between sellers. That does not mean impossible, however.

I've had years of experience with Amazon, being a seller on the marketplace for almost 2 years.

I had a direct connection with a real US company (bringing in millions in revenue annually), was able to establish an agreement such that I paid a tad below wholesale, and I drop-shipped their products.

Sometimes on an order, I would only make $1 after shipping and Amazon's 30% cut. Other times, I would make $45 on a single order due to less competition for the product in that order.

Ultimately, I shuttered the venture due to very large competitors that I did not feel like keeping up with while I had other things (i.e., ventures) going on. It is certainly possible to still make $ on Amazon, but you must hit a niche that has not yet been properly filled (which is difficult in this time and age, but again, not impossible).

Jackson J

May 9, 2018
Tucson, Arizona
Listed 1 product so far and based on the first 3 months Im on track for 72k profit this year..... I manufacture the product (hired friends do) and its a one of a kind. Product is king, not "tactics".

This weekend having photos taken of 3 new products in a similar space and 1 brand new one I think will kill it. Will let you guys know. Just got back to this forumn. Lifes been hectic, but great.


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Feb 8, 2019
I know nothing about selling on Amazon. My general advice to OP is to think about the business in the long term carefully and not being to fixated with short term success or road blocks.

If this is the game you want to play then go and grind for the next few years regardless of rain or shine. You will accumulate enough experience and growth. If not exit and choose something else. Judge a business by the business model and development path, not how smooth it gets in the initial phase. If it is something worth doing then repeated trying and learning are a must.


Jan 18, 2018
Selling on Amazon has low barrier entry which means everyone and their mother is your competitor. Entering a saturated market with low barriers to entry is always a bad idea.

You always want significant barriers to entry in any business you get involved in, and you want to be one of the few people who happen to be able to overcome those barriers.

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