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HOT TOPIC Agree? You can't build a top tier physical product without Money

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Oh a watch company? Yeah, give up, need cash in hand for that. Huh? MVMT watches crowdfunded to get their capital?! Ok, but it’ll go nowhere. Huh?? Movado bought them for $100 million 4 years after launch??

Well shit. What’s your next excuse?

It’s a shame that you have to come in here with your skpeticism and closed mind because had you started a thread about starting a watch company and asking advice about raising capital it could’ve been really informational.

Once again, the watch company was an EXAMPLE. I don't have a watch company or plan on starting one. Do people not realize that getting to the point of crowdfunding is not FREE? When people make this assumption, it proves they have never even tried an ecom business.
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Jul 27, 2016
The prototype doesn't need to change the world, but does need to be of an acceptable quality. Sell the prototype as "version 1". If you can find people give you money for it, get a batch made. Put it on Amazon and call it some name + "version 2". At this point, you may start to look at quality. As mentioned, the quality side of things mainly comes in as a defense against the swarms of Chinese ripoffs and little dropship kids who "finally" want to start a real business, but is not a prerequisite unless you're going after someone else's marketshare... which is 99% not going to end well for you.

One of coolest things I did was to run the website of Dollar Shave Club through the Wayback Machine.

Yup, I really did.

I literally saw how a humble little website that looked at first like an Indian wordpress mish-mash evolve into a respectable e-commerce platform, and then into a giant of a content and customer engagement machine. Very incredible!

So yes, what may be sold today won't be sold tomorrow.

Plus, once the Product Version 2 does well, you can stop producing the first version and move on to other products or continue updating the flagship product.

Actually this is happening to me right now.

I started out this year on Upwork to do copywriting for health and education niches.

Now, I find it easier to be a general writer for landing pages, resumes and business articles.

Stuff changes.

On the kind of quality products that OP may be referring to, I don't think most consumers are really that picky.

Last month, I bought a bunch of G2000 shirts and an espirit scarf for gifts just because 'they looked great'. If the consumers really did want a specific measure of quality, then they would have gone to tailor-made service providers, e.g. businessmen who want a tailor to make their very own suits vs grabbing a G2000 suit from the rack.

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