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Dec 18, 2018
Hi guys,

My name is Sebastien, almost 39 years and I leave in Switzerland. My first language is french so please be indulgent with my english :) I am married and father of a little boy of 2 years. Any other Swiss people here?

I am an IT ingineer since around 15 years, specialized in java development. "Luckily" for me in Switzerland it's a good job that pays well and allows me to make test without taking too many risks. But it takes 43 hours a week away from my little family and I don't want it anymore as you can imagine.

I just finished to read TMF and really loved this book. I also read some other books like Reach Dad Poor Dad (and really loved it...) and also the 4 hour work week, which opened my eyes as it was the first book I read about being independant.

I tried several ways to make money online, my first website was an affiliate site with amazon, but it was a failure because I had no idea about marketing. Then I learned a lot of things about that. My second website was a dropshipping store that I bought on exchange.shopify for $3000. I made some little money but really not a lot, not sure I understood why but I had the opportunity to sell this store several months later for $7000 so I did it and bought a new one for $3000 which was a flop and cost me more than I was able to earn so I stopped everything to take a little break.

In parallel with that, I received some money from an inheritance and I decided to train myself to invest this money intelligently, and last year I was able to buy 3 apartments in my area, with a gross return of more than 17%.

Being an IT professional, I always thought the web was for me and that's where I could make money. But this world is fierce and much more complicated than I knew. On the other hand I realize that real estate is very suitable for me and I would like to dive deeper into it. The problem is that it takes time and it takes a lot of money in the beginning to buy apartments.

Now I just saw this post 5yrs later, at 33 I've got a multi million dollar business and I'm waiting the answers to see if I can make money faster. For yet my objective is to leave 100% of passive income from real estate and to retire at 45 to leave my life as I want and to see my boy growing. If I stick to my plan it will be done, but if I can get there faster, why not :)

Cheers and see you guys!

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