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WEB SCHOOL A free website for an email list - what do you think of this idea?

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Apr 14, 2021
Hello, guys!

One month ago I came up with an idea to attract clients to my web design business in my country and let people know me (I still do not have an official social media page nor a website for the business). The idea was to launch an initiative with which I create a free e-commerce website for one of the successful businesses in the country. And in order to spread the idea, I edited a good promotional video for my previous work and explained the benefits of having an e-commerce website for the business; I also created a professional website for the initiative. Besides, I spoke with 5 friends of mine to help me spread the word throughout social media and they all agreed to give me a hand.

The goals of this initiative are:

1- To attract as many interested people to this initiative as possible and have them all gathered in one place (an email and phone numbers list) and get to know them and know me.
2- Utilize this list to promote my business through email marketing and convert prospects into future clients.
3- Put a slice of cheese in the market and test it. I still do not know if business owners have a propensity for websites or not. So this will determine the answer.

My initial aim is to get at least 300 quality prospects to apply for this initiative through an application form. The form will contain around 20 questions, including personal information like emails and phone numbers. Then I will carefully examine those projects and I will choose the best project I deem worthy of my time and effort to design a free website for them. After that, I will have a decent email and phone numbers list with which I can use it to change those prospects into leads and then to future customers for my business through email and SMS marketing. I also expect some of those who couldn't win might ask me to design a website and sell it to them, especially after they see the free website of the winner, which will spur them to take action and seek my service. And if the website helps them to get real results, they will refer me to their friends through word of mouth.

Now, I almost prepared everything regarding this initiative but I still need to discuss a few points with you before I launch it.

Do you think I should promote the initiative through a FB page with the logo and the name of the initiative, or it's better to do it from my personal FB account where I have my name and profile picture on it? I have more than 1000 friends in my Facebook account, while if I started a FB page I will have zero followers and start from scratch. I also need people to know me and remember my name rather than just a FB page with a logo. OR do you think I should start this initiative in the name of my company to grow my audience and let people recognize the name of the company rather than the initiative name? What do you think of this?

Do you have any ideas that might contribute to the success of this initiative?
I need your thoughts and ideas guys. You might did something similar in the past that might be of great help.

I will update this thread after I launch the initiative and I will keep you updated.


P.S. E-commerce culture is still not widespread in my country and most big stores still rely solely on social media for their online presence. Some of them have more than 500K followers and they seem they are doing well. If they recognize that an e-commerce website will make their business more successful, they certainly won't mind owning one. That's what encouraged me to start this initiative. I want those guys to know that I am here and seek my service in the future.

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