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INTRO 23, Growing Trader, Looking for Like Minded People

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Matt Dassel

May 15, 2018

I am from Brazil and I go by the name of Matt

I have stood in complete confinement myself for the past year (not totally but because it sounded funny). For the sake of changing aggresively the course of my life dropping from a renewed school around here. I just thought Engineering was not going to give me the control and freedom that I wanted.

I have some money invested. The progress is, very slow, and testing all levels of my patience. I guess I can become a more capitalized and a completely independent trader in one year from now.

Mainly I come to see if there is, on earth, someone doing anything similar to what I am doing. If we could reach to eachother that would be productive.

I'd really like to meet any of you who is at around where I am and what businesses you are tackling on the moment.


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Matt Dassel

Matt Dassel

May 15, 2018
I read this article a few days ago

How to Become a Professional Trader
I really needed that. I was growing slowly but I still had confidence I could at least make a good living. However only if I had enough money.

What trading is looking to me is that despite of being an oportunity it is still a very modest one.

Have you ever tried too? I am shifting towards a more entrepreneurial approach now despite knowing how to buy and sell without shitting in my pants.

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