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18-year old trying to figure (some) things out


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Dec 22, 2018
Hello all,

After browsing the forum for over a year now, I´ve finally decided to create an account and post here. If I didn´t do it until now, it was because I saw no use in introducing myself in a place where I would have no contributions whatsoever and decided I would only start posting when I had something useful and valuable to say.

I realize now it was a dumb thing to do because I was not giving myself the opportunity to ask for advice to all the wonderful contributors that post on this forum daily with their eye-opening perspectives. Nearing the end of the year, I´ve hit a point in my life where I guess I could use some advice.

I was born and have lived my whole life in Argentina. I live comfortably and all my needs have been and are being taken cared for by my parents. I finished high school last year and started a carreer in Business Administration in one of the most prestigious universities in South America.
When I finished reading TMF half-way through 2016 I was certain college was not the path I wanted to take and that somehow I would be a millionaire by 20.
When I raised my doubts about what to do to my father, he told me that the ONE thing (I read the book last week, it´s still fresh in my mind) that was NOT negotiable while living under his roof was that I had to pursue a "serious" career.

My first thought was to get out of there and head out on my own. Remember I was fired up after finishing MJ´s book and I thought, it was the easiest way to get the freedom and time to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. But I decided against it.

At the time when I decided to obey the script, I thought I was doing it because I didn´t want to leave my comfort zone and that my wildest dreams about being financially free in my twenties would be just that, dreams.
A year later, I see the situation with different eyes.
  • By choosing a public university, I removed the pressure of having to perform well in order not to feel like I was wasting my parents´ money while still getting a quality education. (Public and quality in the same sentence? Yes, it was not a mistake. If you don´t believe me, google "Universidad de Buenos Aires")
  • I can surprisingly say that I enjoyed most of my time there, and met a lot of great people.
  • By obeying my parents, I got to keep my old lifestyle, including a roof, hot water, healty relationships, as well as access to a gym and several soccer fields (one of my passions). More importantly, I got to keep a steady Internet connection, which allowed me to, among other things, surf this forum.
  • I learnt a lot of new things, which was something I did not think was going to happen if I went to college.
  • I had the time to pursue and experiment with some business ideas, even though I have to admit I have nothing to show for it yet.

I guess I´m telling you this in case you find yourself in the dichotomy of choosing whether to go to college or not. From my limited experience, the situation will hardly be a black-or-white one. I found a way to go to college while still being able to enjoy it and pursue my interests at the same time. There´s a way if you´re willing to find one.

I´m not sure how much of what I´ve wirtten is considered an introduction, but I felt I had to post something in order to adopt an active stance on this forum.
Every reply will be greatly appreciated.
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