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EXECUTION 1 Year of the fastlane forum - lessons I've learned

Discussion in 'Progress/Execution Threads' started by LiveEntrepreneur, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. LiveEntrepreneur

    LiveEntrepreneur Bronze Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

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    Aug 17, 2017
    Rep Bank:
    So a few minutes ago I got a notification saying I been here for one year, I can't believe its already been one year that's pretty scary lol. Time just flies, but I've learnt a lot of lessons in the last year or so.

    But before I get into what I've learned, I just want to say thanks to MJ for this forum and for all the great advice that I received on all my threads (especially my first thread), its changed my life for the better. I haven't made much progress financially because I'm more focused on providing value but anyways here what I've learnt in the last year:

    1. Don't chase money
    This was easily the most important lesson for me to learn, chasing money and having it as my motivation didn't get me anywhere and its why I was stuck in a rut for over a year. But changing the way I think about business instead of just making money but helping people/providing value, really helped for some reason. My motivation changed to genuinely wanting to helping people instead of just thinking of money all the time. I think it was an unsustainable motivation.

    2.Learning to learn
    This is also important as hell, for a long time I couldn't figure out something, I kept doing the same thing and was always wondering why I got the same result. I'd for example take all these courses on marketing and get nowhere and wonder why I get nowhere. Reading about something is no substitute for actually doing it. I realized doing it is pretty much the only way to learn, I was too focused on books/courses. I guess it is simple stuff but for some reason just never came to mind. One thing I like to do now is if I watch a course I will apply it immediately as I go along, not watch the course and think "now what".

    3. Breaking down problems
    This helped me particularly in coding. When I was doing coding my self I'd often get very frustrated and give up because I didn't know how to do it, I'd look at the big picture and get overwhelmed and think I will never get this. What I learnt was to focus on ONE problem at a time and not start something else until that is finished. Once I solved one problem I was more motivated to solve another its just breaking it down and sticking with it long enough.

    4.Focusing on the process and not the result

    This was a major one for me, I always used to focus on finishing it already and getting it over and done with instead of actually tying to love the process and the hard work, I think getting myself to like hard work has made a huge difference. It's helped me also because now I'm less impatient when working with stuff that I can't figure out.

    5.Thinking of ideas in terms of problems and not "what will make a million dollars"
    This line of thinking has given me a ton of business ideas, I used to think "what would make me a million dollars?". This of course didn't get me anywhere, but one I started thinking in terms of problems suddenly a lot of ideas came to mind. Problems are everywhere and increasing everyday so its not to hard to identify I find.

    6.Not procrastinating
    I still do this to some extent but its gone down a lot. Whenever I am aware of something that needs to be done I will usually get it done as soon as possible, this has really helped as I don't feel guilt later and it just makes me more productive overall.

    7. Goal Setting every day
    This has tremendously helped in improving my productivity. Before I go bed or in the morning will write my goals for the upcoming day and prioritize them and make sure I get them done. When goals were in head I never really did much, I would sort of know what to do but would forget a lot of the stuff that needs to be done and thus waste a ton of time.

    So these are the main things I've learned that have helped me. I learned some other stuff like marketing/sales I got a few hundred downloads for my app. But thanks again to everyone again who have provided me with helpful advice on this forum!
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  2. The Abundant Man

    The Abundant Man Gold Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED Speedway Pass

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    Jul 3, 2018
    Rep Bank:
    Awesome! Goal setting has tremondoulsy helped me. I bought a white board from Amazon. On it I write my goals and the habits that I will do in order to achieve those goals.
  3. lowtek

    lowtek Platinum Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass Summit Attendee

    Likes Received:
    Oct 3, 2015
    Phoenix, AZ
    Rep Bank:
    On the topic of learning, I'm a believer that you do first, and then look up tutorials. Even reading along with a tutorial and then applying quickly short changes the learning experience. The reason is that if you struggle then you will understand the "why" of the tutorial, which makes it stick much better.
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