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‘The 2200 Hour Investment Entrepreneurs With Time Should be Making - Mandarin’

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Aamir Chaudry

New Contributor
Feb 21, 2018
‘The 2200 Hour Investment Entrepreneurs With Time Should be Making - Mandarin’

Chinese Macro Level:

1) Huge amount of investment around the world and in their own infrastructure (transport connections etc)
2) Huge population
3) Population that is growing in wealth rapidly and huge new middle class
4) Around 7% yearly growth
5) Chinese increasingly studying abroad. Giving you business opportunities in popular destinations like UK and Australia.

Chinese Players:

1) GaryVee said he’s releasing a lot of his content in Chinese and sees it as a huge market moving forward
2) Mark Zucks (Founder of Facebook) spending his precious time learning the language.
3) Huge companies like Starbucks moving to China because they know it’s a way for them to make a ton of cash.

My thesis:

Learn the Chinese language (2200 hour investment) and Chinese culture inside out. With a Westerners mindset, and armed with knowledge of their culture, I believe you will feel like your in the matrix able to see multi million dollar opportunities, left, right and centre.
That said there will be opportunities all over the developing world. Chinese projects are linked to countries like Africa and Pakistan that are going to benefit from Chinese investment. These economies are more inefficient than countries that have had longer periods of growth, meaning there are a ton of business opportunities out there. There will be many millionaires created by entrepreneurs with domain knowledge in these particular countries. I would be paying a close eye at security, the political environment and the politicians/laws attitude to entrepreneurs before deciding whether these countries make sense for you. China by example is offering special visa’s to entrepreneurs from around the world, like other countries have been doing for some time. This shows where the head of the country is at, they want entrepreneurship in their country. It’s a good play long term.
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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Your post has been modified to remove your promotional links.

Thanks for the post and the opinion, however the forum is not a channel to promote your Instagram account, although it can be later once you establish a community cred and reputation.

Welcome to the forum.


Perpetual Motion
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Mar 12, 2016
I agree with the premise that an increased focus on the growing Chinese market - in particular their massive middle class- will bring great success for a lot of business, suggesting that learning Mandarin is necessary, or even beneficial given the massive time outlay, is a bit misleading.

I have been studying the Chinese market A LOT recently with regards to a new project that I am researching the viability of. A lot of the newly burgeoning middle class in China are actually focusing on outward movement. That is, they are looking increasingly to the West (and subsequently English language and principles) to fuel future success. This is particularly true in the higher education sector, where parents and young professionals, eager to gain any advantage in an incredibly competitive field, are eschewing traditional Mandarin education in favour of English based, Western education. They regard traditional Chinese education as stagnant, and lacking innovation.

The future of the business world may very well be based in China, but it will be an English speaking China.

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