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  1. piano

    Can't take the stress or depression? This might help.

    Recently, I've seen many people on this forum deeply stressed out. To the point where some members throw a tantrum, ignore all advice and decide to take the easy way out by leaving the forum. In this post, I'm going to talk about ways in which you can relax yourself and prevent perhaps...
  2. W

    Tips for dropshipping with Best Buy

    Hello all my name is Alexander and I'm owner of I handle business from Finland and would like to introduce myself. I based my business about two and half month ago on Shopify. The main products I sell are wines and spirits coming from Spain. So it's a few month on journey with...
  3. MakeItHappen

    I have just found a list of 22 fastlane-tips on my hard drive - Add your one-liners of FL wisdom

    I have just found a list of 22 fastlane-tips on my hard drive, which I saved from the forum some time ago and I thought the tips might be worth sharing. What have you learned? Let's add together a list of one-liners that compress fastlane wisdom which we have gained through the forum/MJ's...
  4. C


    Hi guys Just wanted your take on the way you do proposals I've recently had someone interested in my service (digital marketing) and they asked me to send over a proposal. I sent them a PDF with 4 pages that had a list of our services, what they entail and their prices but I'm not sure this is...
  5. Bonelli

    The top 22 lessons life taught me as a Handicapped Person

    I've been through an accident when I was 1 year old and had my hand handicapped, also I've got a lot of diseases and I really don't know how I am alive and healthy today and here are 22 things I've learned through life that you can benefit from too (Enjoy!): 1 - Most people are way better than...
  6. Guts

    Every time I do this, I fail. And so will you.

    Hello guys. I wanted to mention something about my experiences in life that are applicable for business and day to day life. Every time I doubted myself, I found myself doing worse. I gave myself a reason to fail. It's like just the idea of me doubting myself made me lose my confidence. And...
  7. Benacles

    Thinking about hiring on Fiverr? Do not miss this 4 battle-tested tips

    Hi there, Since I’ve been using Fiverr a lot lately, I thought about sharing a few principles I now live by when hiring on that platform. It took a great deal of time and hassle before coming up with these; my sincere hope is that they will save you both. Note that the tips should work just...
  8. U

    Probably the youngest guy here

    My name is Donovan and I'm 18 I read the millionaire fastlane by accident("Accident???"-Yes I know) when I was trying to read Millionaire 90 days by Ben Stewart(Much inferior book). Now I'm on the last 100 pages of Unscripted and I gotta say they are both great books. I graduated High School a...
  9. G

    Ways To Bring Your Small Business Out Of Debt

    In the world today it is hard to find someone that is fully satisfied with the amount they make from their day job alone. As such, most people have side businesses that they run parallel to their normal day job to help them have enough for their needs and have enough to be able to save for...
  10. Alex Norton

    4 Affiliate Marketing Trends for FASTLANE

    Affiliate marketing continues to thrive and staying on top of important trends is essential. If you want to collect the perks in 2018, pay close attention to what is happening within the industry. The following is an overview of some of the most impactful trends that will affect affiliate...
  11. Sascha Venus

    Can I turn my slowlane into a fastlane this way?

    Hi to all the forum members! I quickly wanted to share my story and ask for advice on my mindset & thinking. I'm a social media influencer with many thousands of followers throughout my channels. This is what I do for a few years now and since a few months as a business/job. I collaborate with...
  12. ThirtyOne

    A rose by another name might smell like crap

    Shakespeare had it wrong, the name matters. He was talking about romantic partners and not brand names, but even a girl in love is gonna hesitate to marry a guy whose last name is "Balls". So while a company name might not be as important as the customer service, the solid product/service you...
  13. StompingAcorns

    Tips for Buying on Fiverr

    I thought I would post a few tips for Buying on Fiverr. I’ve recently been working with a few people for logo and label design. I’ve discovered a few things – posting here in case it helps someone else who’s new to Fiverr. I know a lot of you may be working as Sellers on Fiverr, Upwork, or other...
  14. Nicoknowsbest

    Graphic Design Hack Thread

    I am encountering questions about graphic design and related subjects here on the forum, on Facebook and some other places. Sometimes, people want to know how to do certain things technically, and sometimes, people are just struggling putting together a nice color scheme for their website. To...
  15. O.Julian

    My Recent Interview With the "Dons" Of the Industry

    Hi, I recently Interviewed 23 successful entrepreneurs on a business seminar earlier this week. The theme was clearly “Social Media Marketing Strategies” and it turned out all their opinions answered my own questions. Here is what they had to say:- “For those of you who are using PayPal as...
  16. Stevie Drive

    3 critical tips to a young entrepreneur...

    "Hello, my name is ******, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm only 16 years old right now, but I want to get into business when I get older. I've read one of your comments and was wondering if you could give me any tips, on things I should start doing now to learn how to run a...
  17. curran

    feels like I'm getting screwed

    Its been two years since I spent any time on this forum. But my drive started here, my motivation came from all the great success I read on here, but now I feel like iv no direction and I'm losing motivation as a result. I left my job back in 2014, with €2500 paycheck in the bank, big dreams...
  18. H

    Coming up with a web design agency name

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum and decided to finally make my first post. This forum and MJ Demarcos book have motivated me to get off my butt and finally take the first step to entrepreneurship. I've been reading this forum and taking notes and decided to finally get started. I plan on...
  19. Spicymemer45

    Any TRADERS better than Alibaba??? (My first import)

    Hey all! Hope you're all feeling spicy as hell on this fine day! So let's get into it I'm calling in my first import from China's mainland! This is my first time and I was just wondering if there's a better site for finding more relative and cheaper (or better) traders and wholesalers! Any...