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INTRO The top 22 lessons life taught me as a Handicapped Person

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Books Junkie
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 4, 2019
I've been through an accident when I was 1 year old and had my hand handicapped, also I've got a lot of diseases and I really don't know how I am alive and healthy today and here are 22 things I've learned through life that you can benefit from too (Enjoy!):

1 - Most people are way better than you think.
2 - The news are broke! Do not trust a thing a reporter say! (and the world is awesome).
3 - People are willing to help and collaborate for something bigger then them!
4 - Friends actually make the worst enemies, don't let that happen.
5 - The world is way better than our parents thaught us.
6 - Your RAS (Reticular Activation System) defines everything in your life.
7 - If you start complaining about losers, all of a sudden you see them everywhere, and the same goes for winners.
8 - Your limits will be defined by those you hang out with.
9 - Be Anti Fragile and own a library, only read what you have interest in, but never stop reading.
10 - People will call you a genius if you just let them talk about themselves.
11 - A reading trip is the best thing for starting fresh and motivated.
12 - You are your habits. Your habits are your success, or your failures.
13 - Whatever you did in the past is what brought you here.
14 - If you do the best for your worst enemy, he becomes a trusted friend.
15 - Do not ever underestimate the power of reading classic books!
16 - Be results-oriented, whenever you see or listen a complain visualize an opportunity!
17 - Practice kindness every day for the rest of your life, it pays off so much in terms of how others (and yourself too) feels.
18 - Make the other person your priority, and don't mind having to eat (or work) alone after, and all of a sudden you will be other's priority.
19 - The only money no one can take away from you is the one you gave away yourself. Be charitable.
20 - Connect with something bigger than you. (It helps if you see really old buildings and visualize how many people have been alive before you and that they also wanted to be happy and free, and all the work they have put to build it).
21 - Do not forget your diet! Always eat clean!
22 - People want to buy (it makes them feel good!), just give them something to buy and an easy way to do so.

I'll make more posts soon with money making tips that I find helpful and that will help you achieve your dreams.

Let me know what are the lessons I just told you that you think will be most helpful in your own life! Thanks!

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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Apr 6, 2014
im not seeing the correlation between being a handicap person and your 22 life lessons...


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Mar 21, 2019
im not seeing the correlation between being a handicap person and your 22 life lessons...
I don't think she necessarily meant the lessons she learned from her handicap/different abilities, so much as she meant the lessons she learned while having them.

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