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  1. Fyniaina

    Don't know where to start.

    I don't knw whether this is in the right place but it doesn't seem like there is one for what I'm looking for anyway. I am reading the Fastlane Millionaire right now and it's truelly inspiring. It is everything that I've always thought about philosophically and I agree with all the concepts...
  2. S

    INTRO 19 years old looking for luck

    Hi, I'm an Italian guy that has recently moved in Gran Canaria to find my vocation and get better with women :devil:. I've just left university (medicine) after 2 weeks I was doing it. I also gave up a career in a minor sport (judo) as it would have allowed me to barely earn a living :bored...
  3. Stevie Drive

    DONE Is Better Than Perfect (The '7 Out of 10' Rule)

    Alright, let me ask you a question. How many times have you beaten yourself up because you think your effort wasn't good enough? Many times? Well you're not alone. I did a talk about this in front of a business class I was invited to speak before and I can assure you sooo many people suffer...
  4. Silverhog

    INTRO 23yo, Aus, education scam and goals from now

    My story isn’t too interesting but here goes - it is LONG though! Im 23 years old, currently living in Australia, and currently (regrettably) still in university. Stumbled upon TMF and Unscripted after a night of sleeplessness, mixed with anxiety and frustration regarding my life’s past...
  5. ADR

    INTRO Entrepreneur to IT Career back to Entrepreneur

    Hi All, I was born in Miami FL and I am a 29 year old IT professional. After owning two small businesses (DJ Productions and Convenience Store), I decided to pursue a career to spend more time with my family. Now I realize I was one the right track but doing it wrong. If I combine all my...
  6. MRSupply

    Opportunities and why it's important to start

    I was reminded this morning of the Sun Tzu quote, "Opportunities multiply as they are seized" and it just reminded me of how almost all of my business ventures (even those that failed) set me on the path to new and better opportunities. For instance, I wanted to learn to sell private label...
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