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Jan 2, 2016
Pennsylvania, United States
I was reminded this morning of the Sun Tzu quote, "Opportunities multiply as they are seized" and it just reminded me of how almost all of my business ventures (even those that failed) set me on the path to new and better opportunities.

For instance, I wanted to learn to sell private label products on Amazon and so I figured I'd start with retail arbitrage. This worked for a while, and people kept asking me what retail arbitrage was. I had been reading a lot of Kindle books and so I decided to write a kindle book to answer this question. This has led to me writing several Kindle books on other topics and starting a website. And now I'm making a list of projects I'd like to start when I have more time.

Each time I do something, I learn something that I take with me into the next opportunity and as I learn, I begin to see new opportunities. Thanks to this forum and all of the good information on here for just getting me to get started. And for those of you lurking as I used to, get something started!

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Jan 13, 2014
Reminds me of the saying, "Learn from your mistakes." Well, there will be no mistakes if you don't try.
If learning from mistakes was possible I'd be Steven Hawking.

I'm just gonna sit here and tell you everything wrong with the stuff you try.


Jun 17, 2017
Totally agree with this thread. There are a lot of opportunities that only make themselves available to people who are in the right position to capitalize. Example: The leadgen limo website was a great opportunity, but no one was going to think of that randomly while sitting in their basement. By taking action and being in a position to see this opportunity, only then could MJ capitalize on it with his experience.

You have to put yourself in a position to succeed, which is why taking action is part of the process.
You gain experience and keep moving forward, and then you will start to see opportunities as they come along. But only if you are actively doing things in that industry or niche.

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