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side hustle

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  1. 4symmetry

    Scientist - How do I get out of the slowlane while still doing what I love?

    Hi all, so I read TMF and almost finished Unscripted (Audiobook), but I need a bit of advice on how to get started. First of all, a short intro: I'm a 28-year old trained PhD-level scientist in biomedical research, currently on a Postdoc contract, in Germany. While I love what I do and hope...
  2. Alex17

    Side-project: WordPress plugins - lessons learned

    Hi everyone! It's the end of a year, so I thought it's a good time to write some short summary of 2017 for myself. Not sure if it will be beneficial for many people, as my results are not really impressive, but you never know. TLDR: A short overview of my side project (yes, I have a day job...
  3. cmor16

    Arbitrage and the Mindset of the Masses

    Here is a link to an article about a hustler who raids the Walmart clearance aisle and resells on Amazon. I made the mistake of reading through the comments which immediately got my blood boiling. People left and right shitting on him for it, calling him a scammer and rip-off artist. All the...
  4. Arun Siva

    basic hustle idea that works

    due to several time constraints and hardships i picked up a somewhat lucrative side hustle. We all know of the car flipping hustle (buying at auctions and fixing up here and there new tires etc some curb appeal and then flipping for reasonable profits) however in my area there are numerous...
  5. Andy Black

    HOT TOPIC AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen

    AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen @Contrarian is amazed it's so simple. No building fancy landing pages. No building "directories". I facepalm about people building "stuff" - directories, social networks, etc - when they're just trying to connect...
  6. Jorotyn

    INTRO Time to escape the rat race!

    Hi fastlaners! It's time to escape the rat race. <--- This is me (my avatar). I'm 23, living in Melbourne Australia, working full time (7am - 4pm, plus commute, Mon-Fri, min wage) in a job that leaves me with roughly $1000 left over after expesnes each month to invest in business...
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