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  1. Daniel A

    Daniel A's Progress Thread

    Five years ago I joined The Fastlane Forum, and I never started a progress thread. The notable progress between now and then has to do with my growth and development as a person. So I don't have a business of my own yet. I'm very grateful because I can attribute a significant amount of my growth...
  2. Brett Beckwith

    Building an Amazon FBA Business During College

    For the past month and a half, I have been working on starting my Amazon FBA business (B2 Commerce). I have started to learn a LOT of new things; I owe that to this forum and an abundant amount of trial and error. So far, this is what I have done: - Taken a basic Udemy course: From this, I...
  3. Drive2Riches

    I am in a better spot now - after reading TMF in '14

    I knew things were going to change after reading the book. But I still don't feel like it's going fast enough for me. However, I've been working my tail off and, if I allow myself to remember how shitty it was -- collections agencies, state aid, borrowing/getting money from family, gf paying...
  4. Gunther Herzog

    Journey to absolute freedom. Start!

    This is my Progress thread. In this Thread I write about my Dream becoming reality. In June 2017 I founded a Mastermind group with a friend of mine, who I knew of, thought similar about the subject of money and business. So from then on we met each week, exchanged Ideas, concepts and were...
  5. D

    Spanish Speaking Course for Beginners - Just got MY FIRST SALE!

    Hello Fastlaners! I’m very excited to share this story with you. I know that this community can only grow when people share their experiences, failures, success, tips and so on. Today is my turn to share with you how my road to finance freedom is going and hopefully get some tips and...
  6. ygtrhos

    My FBA journey

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread! I have read TMF about 1.5 year ago, when I was done with my PhD. Since then, I have been trying to find a job and create an income source, so that I can finance a side hustle. It was a very hard year behind me, but it is over, no need to complain about...
  7. Saiful

    [Progress] Daily Dose to Fastlane Process.

    Hi, I'm Saiful. I'm 20 years old. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My goal is make a Fastlane internet business in 7 years. My daily progress to Fastlane. I post daily/weekly my progress.
  8. C

    TLDR; Feedback on my sales page (Plus a brief progress/execution episode)

    Hi Guys, TLDR; First-time entrepreneur. It seems taking on a partner is a bad idea, so I’ll be occasionally engaging you guys and seeking your priceless thoughts. For now, I would appreciate your brutal feedback on my sales page here: The Ultimate Guide! First time I was here, I could hardly...
  9. J

    From 0 code experience to SaaS in 12 months

    I’m not the most active poster on this forum. But I’ve been busy this last year so it’s about time for an update. This time last year I had an idea to create a new online mindmap software, with more emphasis on simple design and better implementing the notes feature. My aim was to produce...
  10. goldstein

    “ BYE MOM, my turn to cut the cord !” – 24 year old moves out

    Hey Guys, I’ve been wanting to contribute more to this community for a few months now, but I couldn’t figure out how I could offer something valuable. So, I thought about sharing an experience I’m going through right now that other youngsters might find useful. I also think it could be...
  11. S

    My App Development Process

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading my progress journal. TLDR: I am documenting my process of building an iOS app, and I'll be posting daily on my progress. I have previously made the common mistake of valuing events over process. This has led to stagnation. So now I've changed my focus to be on...
  12. Joey Monarch

    Progress Thread - From Step One

    Hello everybody I'm 20 years old, in college, and I'm new to the forum. I read Unscripted and TMF and that's what brought me here. I believe I have come up with a business idea that could help a lot of people and it hasn't been done before. Basically, it is a subscription box service. The...
  13. Dave Daily

    Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    Hi, I'm Dave. This is the start of my progress thread. IT BEGINS TODAY! The last day of February 2018. I’m going to take the advice I get from this first post, make a decision, and act on it. You’ll see my journey from idea to serving a thankful and happy market. I’ve got too many ideas, too...
  14. Roland

    Map your project and follow it up

    Hi all, I work with Excel pretty much every day and have recently been asked if I had a tool to keep track of progress made on projects (one of my businesses offers project management consultancy). I shared one of the tools I use to manage my own and my customers' projects and I thought that...
  15. AubreyJ

    I Need a Change & a New Business Venture

    This may be the wrong section, if so I apologize. A brief re-introduction, as it's been a long time since I posted a thread. I have been on this forum for a long time now, I signed up for this forum when I was in high school and had six figures in my bank account from investing in the stock...
  16. Spicymemer45

    Joining the Army to get my shit straight

    A big thank you to the Fastlane that has given me insight into breaking the capitalist chains and turning them into tools for me to be financially free. My execution and discipline are underdeveloped, in my own sense. I joined the Army a few days ago mostly for personal reasons also to develop...
  17. M progress

    The product: - It will allow you to post problems you find in the world and solutions that you think about. You can also vote up problems that you deem are important to you and solutions that you think are useful. It's similar to what MJ talked about in his books - if you can't...
  18. Cableabe

    One Year of FLF - Get off the fence

    Intro - I grew up in a wonderful home with great parents and extended family who taught me the value of hard work at a young age. I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial ventures since I was quite young - always had two jobs or a “side hustle” of some sort. These ventures have included livestock...
  19. klaptoo

    [Progress] Building a $1M business from scratch

    Hello folks from FLF, In this post I propose to update you guys with my progress towards a simple goal: Build a $1M business from scratch. With no money, no list, and no expertise. -- Before I move on, here's my brief story for context: I'm 23 years old, graduated in advertising and...
  20. P

    Intro / SAAS Progress

    What's up my fellow future/current Fastlaners! A bit of a late intro, due to me following this forum since 2013 after reading TMF (I was 21 at the time). It took me this long to post because I didn't feel like there was value for me to contribute, but I'm realizing that the entrepreneurial...

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