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EXECUTION More Than A Lurker, A Future Entrepeneur

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Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Jul 9, 2019
Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth with taste.

I’m currently waiting for my flight coming out of the Summit a changed man. I’m only 18 years old but I feel that the past few days will have drastic changes for the better.

Lets go back to the beginning before I really lay out the framework.

It’s March 11th, 2001. ‘Lil Haelios has just been born in Boston, Massachusetts . He’s had a nice life growing up in a town called Chelmsford but things change when he’s forced to live in England due to his dad getting a job in the Government there. He’s got no friends there and life changed drastically. ‘Lil Haelios was growing up in this new world, not really sure how to make friends, going to both British school and American schools in Great Britain. Eventually, not so ‘Lil Haelios meets @Tubs and @doot, and he makes some of the best friends he’s ever had in his entire life.

Things change once more as not so ‘Lil Haelios’s dad’s contract with the government expire, and he’s forced to move back to the U.S. but this time to a small town in northeast Ohio, in a small town called Kirtland. Haelios continued maturing in high school, thinking that college was the future and that he’d be a damn good electrical engineer! Haelios graduates his high school and goes to Ohio State University, albeit a side branch, but he technically made it to OSU! Things are fine at first, Haelios made plenty of friends and really enjoyed the parties, maybe a little too much. But then Haelios kept thinking about the book that @Tubs introduced him to, The Millionaire Fastlane and kept stewing on it.

It kept stewing on Haelios and eventually he fell into a slump. What the hell was he doing with his life? He had been wasting his time in college to only enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle of partying and football games, not learning anything valuable for $9000. It got so bad that Haelios wandered in the middle of the streets of Newark, Ohio hoping that he’d be struck by a car or that he would get mauled by a wild animal. Thankfully, his best friends @Tubs and @doot saw Haelios’s destructive lifestyle and offered him a place to stay in Charlottesville, Virginia, they’d even pay the ticket for the flight over! It was tough to make that call, Haelios’s parents were so let down, threatening to disown him and cutting all ties of communication, but Haelios had to make that call.

In Virginia, it wasn’t easy. Haelios had to borrow and mooch every cent that he got from his buddies as he couldn’t find a job for an entire month there. Left with only $0.33 in his bank account, Haelios finally found a job at a fast food restaurant. He’d earn $11/hr, work until midnight, but he got paid! Except... he didn’t get paid until 4 weeks after he got hired. After falling off his bike and having to check for any potential concussions (thankfully nothing like that happened), getting boiling oil splashed in his eye, and getting paid a measly $532.39 for 4 weeks of work, Haelios called quits at his only job and began to search again.

Things kept taking turns for the worse, rejection after rejection made Haelios continue to live in hell on Earth. He spent many nights with a gun pointed at his temple arguing whether or not he should just pull the trigger. Perhaps a saving grace, Haelios finally got a call back from a car dealership and continued to work there to this day. But no matter how much Haelios did, it didn’t bring satisfaction. He worked ridiculous hours, 9AM-8PM for 6/7 days of the week, his pay amounted a little over $11 an hour and while he did have a little more money under his belt, he’s constantly giving up his time for nothing worthwhile. Sure Haelios built up some sales skills, but he had no time to work on his skills outside of work or even had any chance to take some time to figure out where to go for the Fastlane!

That brings us to a few days ago, right before the Summit began. Haelios was riding shotgun in @Tubs car, heading down to the airport listening to MFCEO and Rocky music (great stuff, by the way) when suddenly, everything he had been listening to started making sense. It all clicked! Haelios had an adrenaline rush like no other, eyes wide open, anticipating the Summit!

The duo finally arrive to the Summit and it turns out, it was even better than expected! They reunited with @doot and learned so much they were brimming with confidence. They could not wait to use all that they’ve learned to their Fastlane ideas!

Enough with the third person act, I’ve unironically learned so much from my time spent with everyone from the Summit, both from a social and business standpoint. There’s so many great friends that I’ve talked to in my time spent in only 3 days!

Just to list them, there’s:
...and so much more, but I’d rather not flood this post with practically everyone that I’ve met at the Summit!

Everyone, no matter how successful, how old, or even how committed to the Fastlane at the Summit, offered so much insight into what to do and what not to do. There wasn’t a single moment I didn’t enjoy at this event.

With all this said, I want everyone that I met at the Summit to hold me accountable. It would be a disgrace for me to learn this much but proceed to do nothing with this knowledge. When I get home from this flight, I’ll lay out my roadmap for the future.

To be continued....

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Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Jul 9, 2019
A few months prior to the summit, I hadn't really come up with any ideas, at least any of my own. I was mostly following around like a dumb dog, becoming too dependent on my friends for advice. I couldn't, or so I thought, think of anything whatsoever to help me move forwards in life! It may sound obvious, but this impression was because I kept action faking my way through the days. I ended up binging hard on YouTube videos or playing dumb games with my online friends. Damn their film reviews and useless animal trivia...

I kept hearing the alarm bells go off for me to get off my a$$ and actually do something when I was listening to MFCEO and reading other inspirational posts, but I finally heard that wakeup call after @MJ DeMarco's presentation at the Summit, along with @Rearden's, @Kak's, @Boom's and @Envision's. How was I going to make any progress if I kept wasting my time on useless crap?

After thinking on what potential ideas I could start with, I decided that something to do with computers physically would be a great start. I used to build PCs all the time, so I'd be right at home if I could figure out something to do with them. At first, I kept thinking that I'd need to buy countless different products, create various prototypes, spend thousands of dollars on licensing, blah blah blah... All of these reasons were just shoddy excuses to keep me stuck in a pointless job, slaving away my time for not a whole lot of money. Everything that was "holding me back" got shot down the moment @Rearden finished his presentation. I won't say too much as that'd eat up the whole post, but things are waaaaaaay simpler than what I initially thought.

So, that leaves the current roadmap. It's a work in progress, sure. But here's the thing. Compared to me a few months ago with no plan, self-esteem, confidence, intelligence? This is HUGE. It's not set in stone and can be subject to change with how well everything goes, but for once in my life I feel in charge, and that's a powerful feeling.

Let's take care of the big ideas first.​

  • Find an alternative job that gives better pay and frees up more time
  • Keep researching ideas around computer components
  • Learn 3D modeling and animation to create a digital proof of concept
  • Dial up the necessary companies that would be interested in my idea
  • Close deals and brainstorm new ideas
Bear in mind, a lot of this is easier said than done. There are plenty of other factors that I have yet to consider when making these ventures. I'm still so early in the process that I have yet to calculate how much of my time and money will this actually take and whether or not there's a big enough demand in my idea. My initial idea isn't exactly original since there are some that are similar to it, but that's not a big enough roadblock to stop me from making this leap. I can always look at faults in the existing ideas to figure out room for improvement as well as see what people enjoy about it.

As for the small things that need to be taken care of.
  • Purchase a car for myself​
  • Continue saving up until my departure from Charlottesville, Virginia in late March.​
  • Manage finances better than what I currently do​
I've argued with myself constantly over buying a car here or getting one down in Missouri but a talk with @Envision helped me make up my mind. Having a car is well worth the cost, especially if I can snag a used '97 Honda Civic that's been repaired for $1300. Sure I'd have to pay liability insurance and also pay monthly gas bills but the amount of opportunities that open up from me having a car are too many to count! I've also got to force myself and my roommates to manage our finances better than we currently do as we eat out at McDonalds too frequently as a substitute for making meals. We argue that "it's quicker than making our own meals" but we end up trading our health and money for a quick meal that has no taste.

I'll keep updating my progress in this thread and if anyone has any insight they can offer that'll save me trouble down the line, PLEASE tell me. I'd love to hear feedback on my process and if I can save myself some time and money by changing approach, that'd be swell.


Gold Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Feb 8, 2019
Florida, USA
Great meeting you Haelios. You've taken some critically important first steps. Keep the energy and dream are living it.


Platinum Contributor
Speedway Pass
Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
One of my goals as well is to buy a car,

Taking transit around makes me want to punch people in the face literally. Ever been on a packed train during rush hour!?!?!?

As a former homeless person that worked at McDonalds, I'd heavily advise to stay free and clear from there.

We sold expired food with mold on it (ripped it off) There was mold in the soft drink dispenser that hasn't been cleaned (I've posted pictures somewhere on the forum before)

And there is no sanitary requirements for preparing meals, yeh ok we ''need'' to wash our hands every hour but haven't seen anyone follow that rule. We are *not* allowed to wear gloves at least in Canada, people would be on their phones making meals at the same time, and coworkers would drop food on the ground and serve it out.

That and you have no idea whats in the meat, what type of bacteria's and parasites are inside it........ Personally I've had food poisoning at work which resulted in puking for about 12 hours while dipping in and out of sleep (went to bed at night and wokeup in the middle of the night laying in my own puke)

Make your own food! Good luck on the journey. Race you to buying a car? You might beat me


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Jul 9, 2019
We sold expired food with mold on it (ripped it off) There was mold in the soft drink dispenser that hasn't been cleaned (I've posted pictures somewhere on the forum before)

Yeeesh, that might not apply to the ones that I've eaten at before, but I gotta say that really turns me off of eating from McDonalds anymore. If I need any further reasoning to not go there, it's probably the amount of cash I've sunk into there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though I usually settle for McChickens, they've got ridiculous amounts of sodium within them. Just one McChicken is a little over 1/3 of what you should have on a daily basis!

Make your own food! Good luck on the journey. Race you to buying a car? You might beat me

Sounds like a plan! Depending on how my finances go, you may beat me in getting a car first though!

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