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problem solving

  1. JKm

    Problems detected & Solutions I made.

    I recently had some problems with my schedule Basic schedule : 9-18 & 21-22 work on my business(Book about health & well-being in life, already read more than 2 thousand books, 2-10 times for each) + 13 hours of hard mma training per week. (interval training, average bpm 120) Problem 1 Those...
  2. Bbenn30


    So I currently manage a hardware store, I have found there's a pretty regular problem that I think happens fairly often in retail settings. I have a pretty good idea on how to fix it. My question for the nice folks here is... how do I verify my idea? I would be willing to prototype my fix but is...
  3. Hassan

    Competitor has patented my "idea" for a product. What now?

    Hello guys/gals! After being the listener to a venting rant with an acquaintance, I've stumbled across a pain point in the women's clothing market that is definitely a problem worth solving for a certain demographic. Long story short, me and my wife have been brainstorming how we'd make the...
  4. M

    Intro: First motivated, then depressed and now trusting the process

    Hello Fastlane Community, before I introduce myself I would like to thank Mr. MJ DeMarco for his awesome books and creating this forum that has so much knowledge and power. I'm Max a 26 year old man from Germany. I read TMF in the end of 2016 and it changed my mind and my point of view of...
  5. Andrew W

    How to Take Action When You Don't Feel Like It

    We all have those days where we wake up and we'd just rather... not. You are tired, it feels like you're making no progress on your goals. But you typically find some way to get in the right mindset. This technique is for the days you can't. This is when you can't be bothered to do anything...
  6. bilguun

    Please tell me solving problems can be anything.

    I'm just confused about how to deal with problems. So how to know whether it needs to be solved for is a problem or no. Because it happens when I do not see anything to people sees a problem. And I want to always be automating the process of actions taking. But Choosing by an inner call to...
  7. Kyle T

    Chasing Freedom - Creating My Own Digital Marketing Company

    After recently reading through Sean's thread I have decided to pursue creating my digital marketing agency. His insights completely opened my eyes to the opportunity that is all around me. I ended up purchasing his course and am in the beginning stages of building my own business that will set...
  8. M

    Where and what type of company

    Hey, I am new to entrepreneurship and this thing. 1. I have a business model or idea in mind, and I would like to set up a company or a service based on it, I am just totally clueless how to do it and what to do. (I heard about Uk Ltd-brexit worries, i am european-european company?) 2. I dont...
  9. lowtek

    A physicist's guide to learning hard things (and using the scientific method)

    So I was responding to a thread, and realized that one problem I see with some folks, newbies in particular, is that they lack a systematic methodology for teaching oneself. This isn’t surprising, as it’s not really a skill that we’re taught early in life. Realizing this, I figured I would share...
  10. ALC

    Bring back your creative genius

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you an article about our creative genius, how to bring it back. How to re-think like a 5yo problem solving child. I think the article is interesting for those who ask "How to bring value?" We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us...
  11. Vanderbilt

    Found this on Qoura: problems waiting to be solved

    Maybe we should start a similar thread?
  12. Paul David

    Why only certain people "enjoy" the process? (Or is it something else?)

    I hear successful entrepreneurs say it quite a lot on motivation youtube videos or seminars. Instead of focussing on the end goal, enjoy the journey and process along the way they say. Personally for the majority of people in business i think it's bullshit. If you're just starting out in...
  13. MustImprove

    Your Fastlane Rocket Fuel - Compounding Action Power

    Can your simple action open a $100 million door? Well, it turns out that in a certain way it can. Straight up, that doesn’t mean I’m sitting on a $100 mil, but I experienced a wonderful example of the astonishing compounding power of execution and action. You get results that are massively...
  14. Andy Black

    Problems that can't be solved

    Problems that can't be solved ... ... are the ones under the table. If you put a problem on the table for everyone to see, then you can typically solve it. You can never solve problems that are under the table. You just end up solving symptoms and not the underlying root cause. Wherever...

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