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  1. markretzloff

    Subcontractors asking how much I charge the client

    I’ve been hiring subcontractors lately to work on some presentation decks. I charge my clients per page and have asked the subcontractors to give me a per page rate for the work. 2 of them asked how much I charge per page. My gut says don’t share this information. How would you respond...
  2. Mr.Nichan

    Monthly payments, percentage on generated sales or a combination?

    I would like to know if you guys had any insights to share about pricing models? My business (outlined in my insiders progress thread in my signature) is based on getting companies to sign up and I present those companies in a marketplace app I have built and then consumers will buy from those...
  3. Mr.Nichan

    Tips on adding Google Ads to my repertoire, other tips for upsells?

    Hi guys! Couldnt find a better place to put this. This is not my side hustle, I'm freelancing. My main income comes from freelancing as a software developer (full stack javascript web dev) and I have a long time client that I have built (and by request continuing to expand upon) a much better...
  4. T

    What is the best possible way to break into the internet services market.

    Hello fastlaners, this is my first post on here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a 15 year old "hustler" from the beautiful country of Bulgaria. Despite my age I have made decent profits on side hustles like reselling and digital e-commerce. Also I am a freelancing web developer on...
  5. Maredona

    How do I price my services? (Facebook ads)

    I've recently started my social media marketing agency. Done some cold calling and I've booked a meeting for Tuesday morning (It's Sunday now). I'm confident I can deliver results for the dentist that i'm hopefully gonna work with. Since this is my first potential client I'd really appreciate...
  6. MTBLover30

    Pricing Feedback

    I want to know the thoughts of someone who is familiar and successful with business. I have a product that I’m about to launch for $97. When I did testing the sales results were great. Once I began to double down on product design, I realized I can add more value at the base level. Therefore I...
  7. mell0w

    Is my product too expensive?

    Hello forum, i run a website where i sell products to twitch & youtube livestreamers. For anyone interested, i sell gameshow overlays which you can include as a browsersource into your streaming software for example OBS or streamlabs. With these overlays you can host your own...
  8. MartijnS

    How to introduce lower pricing for a recurring service

    Hey all, Apologies if this is not the correct forum, but I was looking or advice on pricing strategy and how it relates to existing customers, so I assumed that falls under Marketing questions. We have a software-as-a-service product, with both monthly and annual recurring subscriptions...
  9. DMass

    Udemy Pricing - Free, $19.99, or $199?

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking through the forum for the last couple of hours trying to get a feel for what people believe the best pricing strategy to be for selling on Udemy, before I dive into my thoughts I just want to preface this with a couple of assumptions/long term goals. I...
  10. Devampre

    Performance Based Pricing Offers Good or Bad?

    What are your thoughts on performance based pricing? I'm reiterating my one line offer for my ads and taglines and I've come to see these types of offers look a little something like this: I will X in Y or Z. X = the result I will deliver Y = the amount of time it'll take Z= the guarantee...
  11. biophase

    Sometimes a BOGO is better than a discount

    Sometimes when we decide to do a sale, we think of a sale like 25% off everything. Sometimes we do a Buy one get one free. You might think that a BOGO would make you less money than a 25% off. But until you run some quick numbers your never know. For example, imagine you have something that...
  12. F

    How Do I Double my Prices on a Current Client Without Losing Them?

    Hi, I'm a freelance copywriter and I have a client for $45/hr. We have a great working relationship and she consistently tells me how much she values my work, so she's VERY happy with how much value I'm providing her. She's also a very empathetic client and really makes an effort to check in...
  13. Lyinx

    Amazon (and me) need to raise prices, as a service to the community/world

    I might be wrong here, but felt I had to share my thinking... If Amazon were to raise prices, it would encourage other people to start a business competing with them, thereby creating more jobs and competition, which means that Amazon needs to do a better job, and repeat the cycle (Raise...
  14. G

    How to Charge Clients Properly?

    Hey there, so I started freelancing a year ago and it has been a total disaster. I had difficulties to find clients and I also had huge self-esteem issues that hold me back. I'm currently doing web development (mostly WordPress, Angular, and general HTML/CSS/Javascript) and when I need to give...
  15. WhateverCheese

    How to price your product?

    Hello dear Fastlane community, I am building a little business that is supposed to sell food supplements. The supplement is sold as powder-capsules in 400ml plastic bottles. I've thought up the design of the bottles together with my wife and we love them, they're quality. The next step is to...
  16. C

    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    Hi, I work as a full time programmer for a company and I'm presented with the opportunity to do a side project which will be done offhours for a specific time (not for the same company). The side project would also involve programming in similar technology and difficulty. Is it fair to say that...
  17. Flint

    How to price your product

    In other thread, @Lyinx asked about pricing. This made me think about the topic and remained me of an interesting video (and actually a book). It's packed with insights and tested techniques to tackle the hot questions: How do you know you will monetise? and How to price your product? The talk...
  18. C

    3 Down and Dirty Tips for Communicating Prices to Your Customer...

    Here are 3 down and dirty tips I've learnt when communicating price to prospects: It's very tempting to tell your customer the price for your service or product straight-away because we've all been told "to qualify" our customers. But, this can be a massive mistake. First of all, you have to...
  19. Ravens_Shadow

    Don't let the vocal minority prevent you from making a killing! What is your hater to buyer ratio?

    WHAT'S YOUR HATER TO BUYER RATIO? *I dislike the word hater, but it gets the point across. Something I’ve learned when selling a product (software in my case): For every one person that publicly complains and denounces your pricing, value, licensing model, product usefulness, etc, hundreds of...
  20. C

    How do you price your software?

    Hi, first time poster from Croatia here :) I'm a programmer who wants to become an entrepreneur and here is where I'm at right now. Last year, my college friend and I took part in a competition in creating apps for businesses. Our job was to help a small manufacturer of remote-controlled ships...