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  1. fvcorp

    INTRO A Polite Intro

    Howdy folks, This may be my introduction, but I’m going to begin with a few words to the man, @MJ DeMarco. I wish I had read Fastlane when it was first published. It would have enlightened me sooner and saved me from a few avoidable failures (probably several)! I also deeply appreciate the...
  2. TheodoreA

    INTRO Time to start again, rebuild my life, hello.

    Hello, my name is Theodore and I'm an entrepreneur! I stumbled across this forum a couple of days ago and have been lurking through the posts and found a ton of value. I've ordered the book (arrives tomorrow) and will try and power through it over the next few days. But for now, here's my...
  3. Wal903

    INTRO Re Introduction

    Hi All, I've been off this forum for over a year. Long story, but I've made some major changes in my life, booted the biggest hitchhiker from my life, overcome suidcidal behaviour with the help of a couple months in a hospital, and have been slowly cleaning up my life over the last year...
  4. W

    INTRO I Brief Introduction

    Hey everyone, My name is Will Armstrong and I am a student at the University of Akron in Ohio. I have always been very entrepreneurial and have found trouble finding like-minded people. I joined this forum to learn and to interact with others. I've never used a forum before so this is very...
  5. R

    INTRO Hi

    Hi I am Ramesh, new to this forum, just read the book, best book so far.looking forward to learning more in this forum.
  6. V

    INTRO Introduction, still in the rat race.

    Morning guys. Wanted to say hi to everyone. Currently construction worker (electrician). Sick and tired of rat race. Had a desire for entrepreneurship for over 7 years. Jumped ideas like a rabbit over these 7 years. Procrastination and not choosing on one idea I feel like is what's killing me...
  7. thegarymiller

    INTRO Hey, I am Gary Miller & I Like Chowmein!

    No, I don't really like Chowmein. I just ate it once when I was in hospital and my aunt brought it for me. I ate it while a patient in the room next to me breathed his last. Well, that was a bad day. Now about my Introduction. I am Gary and I am a Marketing Strategist at an Advertising firm...
  8. B

    INTRO Build A Life Workshop

    That's basically what I'm hoping to do here, build a life for myself using this forum like a workshop (obviously not as my ONLY source of knowledge though). My name is Brennan Duncan and here's a quick run down of my life so far. I'll keep it brief, because well, it is. I'm 18 years old, I...
  9. J

    HOT TOPIC What steps do you wish you had taken sooner?

    What actions, skills, or books do you wish you had learned about when you were 18? This is pretty open ended I thought it might be kind of fun and constructive to learn what others had wish they had done to prepare themselves for adulthood or entrepreneurship.
  10. Shamar Value

    INTRO New Member from jamaica with a serious Question

    Hi, My name is Shamar, I currently reside in the City of Chicago. I have a serious problem at hand and I do need some guidance (Humbly) Now, I've to notice that the Millenial Generation don't have many options... at least the poor ones. I am one of them. my father was a drug dealer and my...
  11. Kubaoo1

    INTRO 16 and 2 businesses already made

    Hey, thank you for a chance to tell here my story. I'm college age - 16 and have the same plans for the future as Fastlane map after reading TMF. Firstable I wanna say that I live in Poland, Europe so please don't pay attention at some English grammar and so on mistakes. I've made a process in...
  12. Koen_88

    INTRO Hello from the Netherlands

    Hi There, I'm Koen (pronounce Koon). 29 years old. Mechanical / Project Engineer working 40+ hours. (but still living with my parents...) In the past I said I wanted to be a millionaire, but as I got older that dream got a bit more sufisticated. I asked myself.. Why? I want to be financially...
  13. Y

    INTRO Hey Everybody!

    Hello, I want to thank MJ DeMarco for creating this powerful community My name's Yassine and i'm from Morocco I'm here to share my experience with you and also to learn from your experiences We ALL have one goal: Change our life to be better as we can Thanks, Yassine
  14. C

    INTRO New Here :) I'm broke and ready to hustle

    Hello everybody! I'm a broke 26 year old who lives with his parents. I got a lot of time on my hands and no job, so I decided to join this forum and learn as much as I can. A little back story... I graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems at the end of 2014. Found out my Mom...
  15. G

    General Question and Possibly Debate

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start by giving you some background on myself before I pose my question. Before I do; the reason I'm not sharing the exact idea at the moment, is because I need proof of concept before I pursue the patent. I'm a 26 year old in product development as a full time...
  16. Steezy

    INTRO Hello from Cali

    Hello Fast Lane Forum! Steezy coming at you live and direct from Southern California... New to the forum, just an ambitious 19 year old looking to gain knowledge and share it as I can. Looking forward to sharing my transition to the Fast Lane lifestyle with you guys!
  17. Jeannieadele

    INTRO Excited to be here!

    Hello Fastlaners! It's an honor to be apart of this amazing and inspiring forum among all of you like minded, passion driven people! I'm Jeannie, 21 years old, and I'm from Eastern Washington State, USA. I recently stumbled upon MJ's book and I devoured it in a matter of days. I have been...
  18. E

    INTRO Trying something new and exciting

    Hi reader, As an introduction, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been pretty much middle class my entire life. I have, fortunately, never had to be homeless or completely broke because of frugal spending habits. But recently, something changed. Something important to me...
  19. Major

    INTRO Major From Vriginia...

    Hey, everyone. Nice to be apart of the community. Read Fastlane Millionaire a few months ago and finally decided to get the paid version of this form due the great content and like minded individuals whom partake in these conversations. I invest in the niche of Mobile Home Parks and...
  20. roshea6

    INTRO College student finally making the jump into the fastlane!

    Hey everyone, I'm a computer engineering student who's always had a big interest in entrepreneurship but never really knew how to get started. I love working with both software and hardware but most of my work has been with software so far. I've done some game development and am just starting...
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