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  1. Piyush rupesh

    I am From India 24 year old Stuck in life Need Advice

    Hey hi Fastlaner's I am piyush 24 year undergrad , I am single person no mom-dad, living In my sisters house. Have hunger to become millionaire , and willingness to learn, fail, get punched on face. I learnt spoting patterns of thumbnails and video topics which gets lots of views on YouTube...
  2. C

    Hi. I'm new, eager to get unstuck from poorness and scarcity into abundance and (financial)freedom.

    Hi people, Call me Mack. Glad to have found this place, as I'm quite excited. Currently reading Millionaire Fastlane on page 200 and it's been an eye opener. The clock is ticking and I want to make a change, today is a better day to start then tomorrow said some motivational guy somewhere in...
  3. S

    The Beginning Of My Journey

    Hi all, I've recently finished reading the Millionaire Fastlane book and thought I'd come here to introduce myself and connect with like-minded people. I'm based in London (UK), and I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a normal guy, nothing special, but I yearn...
  4. R

    Hey Everyone! 15 year old recently getting into the FastLane Rabbit Hole

    Heyo Everybody, My name is Rayan, I'm a 15 year old and after recently discovering the fastlane my eyes have recently opened to the fallacy that is trading time for money, I'm here to learn and grow as a person and I'm happy to see other people like me here! I can code, video edit, and all the...
  5. J

    Hello! I am new here!

    Hello there, My name is Johanne, new to this forum. Read the Millionaire Fast Lane book and watched a couple of Dimarco's videos on youtube. I definitely shared the same sentiment towards corporate world not being the way to financial freedom or getting a tone of loans for college education or...
  6. wyattnorton


    Hey everyone, The name is Danny and I am a 21-year-old junior at Marquette University in Wisconsin. Some background in terms of my entrepreneurship: Bought and sold gum in middle school (easy gas station across the street to buy packs for about $1-$1.5 on average then sell a piece for $0.25)...
  7. S

    Most profitable businesses in your hometowns?

    Hi everyone My name is Sergio I actually live in France and I am searching for business ideas for generating money and adding value to the society, actually I am 19 years old, I am from Bolivia and I have started reading books as the millionaire fast lane long time ago so any recommendations...
  8. J

    Johnny Dao Introduction

    Hello all, I found this forum from the book, "The Millionaire Fastlane". I'm not quite finish reading the book yet. Still working on it. Born and raised and currently in Dallas, Texas. Specifically in Nevada, Texas. Like many others, I'm working on reaching my financial freedom in order to...
  9. pawanthapa

    Hello i'm new in the forum

    Hello guys im new in the forum sorry im not used to it yet im only 16 i am glad i found this book early this has opened a closed ,blocked road for me who never passed in any grade i also dropped out and it emitted a very strong light in the dark abyss of confusion in my life i have a huge amount...
  10. FNeu

    Established Business, but fairly new to entrepreneurship still

    Hey my name is Freddy and I have been running my own real estate business/investments since March 2020 and it is all remote work. I am 26 and from a small town in Colorado, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in San Antonio, TX. I have an entrepreneurial spirit so strong now I don't know...
  11. curious_sage

    Here I am, nice to meet you!

    Hi there and hello, amazing ladies and gentlemen. I've discovered this forum by chance, but what a chance it is! My name is Katsarina and I became 18 this year. I live in Belarus, so my native language is obviously not English. Pardon me for any mistakes. As a child, I was what you would call...
  12. Edgar King

    Attempting to Build A Productocracy [Niche > Problem > Pre-sell > Solution]

    Hey guys! I've been on this forum for ages, but was just silently absorbing the valuable information you all provide and enhancing my mindset to start my entrepreneurial journey. I've learnt to just love everyone from the bottom of my heart which motivates me to desire to solve problems from the...
  13. C

    Excited to Start!

    Hi! I’m new and I’m excited to start! Thank you for welcoming me!
  14. Fasoon

    Silver Spoon with a terrible taste.

    Hey Guys, While I have been blessed in my life with great parents the life hasn't been all that sweet. And todays story has been motivated by another gut wrenching blow, but on that more shortly. I come from a little known country Latvia located in Eastern Europe where the rough weathers...
  15. C


    Hi All, I’ve nearly finished MJ’s book, ‘UnScripted’ and I’ve decided to just dive into the world of Coding. I’ve got ambitions, dreams, and a whole lot of WHY’s. I used to walk the Slowlane, scrounging every dime I could by not spending; today, I just went out my way and got myself a top of...
  16. C

    Introduction UNSCRIPTED

    Hey all, I’ve just signed up and I’m new here so just wanted to introduce myself to like minded people and hope to meet and discuss ideas/ plans with others. I’m 22 years old currently doing an apprenticeship but I’ve always felt there was more to life than 9-5 all my life, so discovering and...
  17. A


    Bonjour tout le monde et bonne année à vous ❤️ je m'appelle Axelle j'ai 21 ans et je viens de France. Il y'a quelques mois j'ai décidé de changer de vie je me suis donné 5 ans pour être millionnaire (soit en 2025) J'ai décidé de changer ma vision de l'argent et depuis des choses formidables...
  18. Barracuda

    How do i overcome inertia in life, and make my first $1

    I've always been an ambitious person, but i never had the focus, nor the grit and perseverance to follow something through because i believe either the competition is too much, or it's too hard and what they pay is too low or i fall for the "shiny object syndrome", that is: i chase anything and...
  19. MaxT

    Hello there

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, I'm basically French, but since it's an English forum I'll make the effort :). I am 24 years old and I have created my business where I sell android and ios applications. Are there people like me here? thank you
  20. M


    Salut tout le monde je suis Moguy et je suis nouveau to the forum.

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