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  1. M

    INTRO College Student Dreaming Big

    Hey Everyone, I'm a college student who happened upon this site in my personal research. I'm dreaming of becoming in entrepreneur. I definitely need to build up some capital before diving in, but until then, I want to learn everything I can about becoming a business owner. If y'all have any...
  2. Vanderbilt

    INTRO Intro

    Hey Guys, iam from Germany near Stuttgart and glad to join this community to make some progress in my life! Iam 29 years old and been 4 years in sole proprietorship and still doing it. So i have some business expirience but i would say its slowlane ! My business is Moving! And i have 3...
  3. JCS

    INTRO Looking forward to joining this community! Just wanted to introduce myself!

    Hey there Fastlane! I heard about you guys for the first time while reading through r/entrepreneur on reddit and honestly, the difference was like night and day. I couldn't sign up fast enough.. (no pun intended, I swear). That being said, I just wanted to introduce myself! I've been studying...
  4. Spicymemer45

    INTRO If you like memes, you've read the correct Thread :D

    Shalom! My name is Grayson! I've just turned 18 and I'm passionate in the area of T-shirt business and design and I love marketing and business running That's why I'm here! I also seek mentorship Plus MJ I've read your book 10 times and have two notebooks full of your words.
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