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Mike O’Dell

New Contributor
May 1, 2019
@MJDEMARCO thank you so much for writing the Millionaire Fastlane! I always knew something was wrong with the traditional message about money. Every time I felt, “I made it!”, reality kicked in and put me back in the slow lane. I became an RN in the ‘90s, then a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) in 2012 following slowlane advice to boost my wages to a six-figure income. Racked with student debt, I came up with a solution - borrow money and become a landlord, use rent money to pay back real estate debt AND the student loans. It’s working, so I wrote a book about it. Landlording was the first feeling I had of fastlane possibilities (the rush is amazing!). Then self publishing a book put that sensation into overdrive. But it fizzled. I realized halfway through your book why mine just putters along. The title, Landlord Away Your Student Loan Debt, is a little clunky, but it explains my solution succinctly. However, sales are not what I’d hoped because of BARRIERS TO ENTRY. I never had a problem borrowing money for something I was passionate about. I didn’t see the obstacles of repairing homes, finding tenants, dealing with evictions, pest control, and all the other “work” of being a landlord as a put off. It often perplexed me how often people would say, “Man, I should do that.” I would encourage them, hell, I offered them every resource at my disposal... but no one ever committed. Normal people don’t want to do this stuff, just make excuses. I’ve had a couple minor hits, and I make a lot more money than most others stuck in the slow lane (just found out about a $30,000/year raise today...meh). But it’s not enough. I’m going to keep trying. My eyes are open! Your book really put a bunch of concepts that I’ve seen fragments of together. Again, thank you!

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