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mental health

  1. Andy Black

    Stuck or battling demons? This might help.

    Thought I'd drop this incredible video here. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going forward? View:
  2. ProcessPro

    At 26 years of age I realized I can't see mental images...can you?

    If I asked you to close your eyes and visualize an apple - please try it now for a few seconds - what does that apple look like on the scale below? If what you see is somewhere between 1-4, you're normal. If what you see looks like 5, which is nothing at all, you may have aphantasia. At 26...
  3. mikecarlooch

    Panic Attacks & Entrepreneurship (a Blessing In Disguise?)

    Hey guys - coming here today with a sensitive topic.. A little bit difficult to write out, but I think this is something that needs to be talked about for entrepreneurs because obviously, our output ability literally determines our destiny and legacy in the world - and to have that kind of...
  4. Ytcho's

    Creating RITUALS and Not "Boring Habits" Helps Me Not to Get Discouraged

    I would like to create this topic bringing to those who feel unmotivated or very anxious, some habits (or rituals as I like to call them) that keep me going, even on days of low motivation. I don't want it to sound like something cliche or coach talk, my intention is to try to bring a different...
  5. D

    Dangers of the comfort zone

    About 2 years ago (When c0vid really hit and the lockdowns began here), I started journaling daily. While there were many times when I doubted the importance/point of journaling (besides perhaps the nostalgic enjoyment of reading old journals and going "oh I am so much better now"), it's times...
  6. mikecarlooch

    Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    You're doing great.. you're producing, feeling awesome, creative, amazing. Then all of a sudden.. you see a forum post, a new book to read, you get sent down a rabbithole and all of a sudden you used all of your free time consuming content that you think is helping you but as soon as you stop...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Lambos, Millions, and Mansions Won't Cure Depression, But *THIS* Might...

    This video topic was inspired by this thread: And also a bevy of videos from people who say "early retirement sucks" .. blah blah... View...
  8. KushShah9492

    To all the dad’s out there…

    A relationship with my Dad hasn’t been on track since I can remember. He has always supported me, fed me, did everything he could for the entire family. He’s 57 now, and I’m 29. We haven’t talked like a father and son for a long time. I feel a certain discomfort in sharing even the smallest...
  9. Mike Partee

    Angry? Irritable? Anxious? Depressed? You're Probably Magnesium Deficient

    Over 80% of Americans are Mag deficient: 80% of Americans Are Deficient in This Mineral That Controls Sugar Cravings | Eat This Not That Deficiency is especially true for heavy coffee drinkers, as it affects Mag absorption (or so it seems)...
  10. M

    Cards Beyond Comfort Changed My Life!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a story about a product that has massively helped my mental health and motivation over the past few months and through the lockdowns. I was really struggling with my mental health earlier this year. I was becoming really depressed and anxious about a lot of...
  11. XxThelionxX

    On mental health: My story

    I have been misdiagnosed. I was a drug addict. A criminal. Easily roused into bad behavior. And thought I was a good dude. It was around 2012 and I had been smoking weed on and off. Was a young kid. So my friends were doing it, why not? ...But things got airy whenever this thing called spice...
  12. stellarowl12

    Recognizing & managing burnout as a fastlane entrepreneur...

  13. stellarowl12

    Managing burnout as a founder - virtual/live discussion

    Hey folks! I'm hosting this interactive Zoom event with a handful of other founders to discuss tips/thoughts on managing burnout as a founder/entrepreneur. If this is something that you face periodically or have some thoughts/tips to share with the rest of us, please come join us on Wednesday...
  14. J

    mental health avenue

    hey guys i'm a 26 year old male from Ireland. i've been having a idea to build a company based around mental health as myself i was bullied for many years and suffered badly with my mental heath (depression anxiety self harm) so i wanna help people with a company that could impact many many...
  15. D

    Dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, figuring things out as I go

    I haven't really spoke to anyone on here about it or mentioned it to anyone but I need to hear some advice from fellow entrepreneurs as it's hard for others to relate, and I don't have a strong support network. I've dealt with persistent depression since I was young. I'm not sure why I have...
  16. FastLaneSage

    Paralyzed by Decisions....

    Not sure about you all. This is my first post....Really excited about being involved here and love the stories from you all.... If you have really been in my spot ( being paralyzed by making a choice to move ahead) also in major bouts of anxiety and being sad....Is there anyone who finally...
  17. Haelios

    When Did You Decide To Commit To The Fastlane?

    It's been a while since I last posted and I know, this topic has probably been talked about a thousand times by this point, but it's still an interesting discussion. So, I've got to ask, what made YOU commit to the Fastlane mentality? For me, it was just a few weeks ago. Following my failed...
  18. SturdySteel

    Mental Health and Physical Health Crisis

    Time to get this off my chest. I'm losing the will to live - don't worry I won't commit suicide, but it certainly seems extremely appealing looking at my situation right now. Firstly, my mental health has taken the equivalent of 9/11 (the attacks): I've got to deal with abusive parents who'll...
  19. Fox

    Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

    The road of entrepreneurship ain't easy. We all love a good success thread but for every person on the way up, there are quite a few more struggling to get going. People come on here in all sorts of moods. Some might be feeling angry, depressed, anxious, stressed, lonely. Maybe a bad day...
  20. AubreyJ

    Getting My Mental Health Back on Track

    I've had a really tough 2018, from a number of things happening rather unexpected and around the same time, both in my professional life with my businesses and with my personal life. I feel like for the most part I did a really good job coping with the stress and turn of events- I completed a...

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