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On Autopilot ? This will help you (Audible Observing or DAIDM)

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Jon Rad

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 29, 2019
Germany Hessen
One of the best tipps i ever got,

which has helped me grow as a person so far was this one trick or mindset an esport´s and Basketball coach teached me.

He called it Audible Observing or smth like that
I call it The "Dafuq Am I Doing Method" or DAIDM

Its basically "Calling out loud exactly what you do in the moment so that you dont fall into autopilot mode"

Commentate everything you do, think out loud. It's a lot harder to do something stupid if you actually have to say out loud what you´re doing. There is no way to autopilot speaking, so everything you say actually has some thought behind it.

you can do this in your head or actually say it which might be even more powerful.

Get really precise with this:

When you are coding or designing for example call out every Step loud:

okay i will now switch to the blue color to highlight this and that ...

i will now close the bracket to do this.... you get the idea

this way you will also learn much faster which is the main idea here anyway.

at the same time this might help you to get back to work when you caught yourself watching one of thoose cute cat videos on youtube again, when you are supposed to be working.

For example: "Im right now watching this video to get entertained my secret hope is that i will waste enough time so that i dont have to work anymore."

i think you get the basic idea im trying to get trough.
im struggeling with writing in english haha :D

if you make this "dafuq am i doing thing" a habit im sure it can help you too.

Much Love: Jon Rad

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