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execution thread

  1. S

    Starting a carpet cleaning business

    Hello, I'm 21 years old. After 2 years of wasting time and action faking I decided to start a home service business, specifically carpet cleaning. I will be doing hardwood, tile and upholstery as well. I chose this idea because it's pretty easy and inexpensive to start, doesn't require any...
  2. OVS

    Buying and growing micro startups as a software developer

    Two days ago, I was at an event with 10 beginner founders, sharing their business failures, including my own, a SaaS for designers to get feedback. A 27 yo woman joined the event and my god did she put me to shame (I am 27 too). She bought her first stand in a farmers market at 16 for 1k$, sold...
  3. Diego Liu

    Mastering YouTube & Traffic in a "Fastlane JOB"

    Back in 2020, I desperately wanted to make enough money for myself so I could drop out of Dentistry. After trying out many things online (mainly action-fakes), I wrote this email to John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset (I actually found out about MJ and his books through this interview John did with...
  4. Joejordan95

    What would you do? - Jetwash cleaning biz

    Hey Everyone, On recommendation from @Fasted I decided I'd try my own execution thread. The Situation My partner and I are looking to buy our first home and because of this we have spent the last few months in paid employment in dead end jobs that neither of us really like but we're doing it...
  5. Saad Khan


    Link to the first progress thread: A little info about me: At the time of writing, I'm a lazy teenager who turned 18 this month. The last year was full of learning experiences and gave me a reality check. I...
  6. Moritz2432

    Execution Progress to 20 k a year from a 16 year old teenager from Germany

    Hi I´m not a complete new bie to this forum but i finally registered an account and wanted to start a execution thread and tell you something about me meawhile. First of all Im living in a pretty privileged situation, my parents are both doctors , we are living in a nice house and so on. Since...
  7. P

    4 months left - all or nothing

    Hey guys. So apparently I am going to be broke in approximately 4 months. Not really, but I can't afford paying taxes anymore after 4 moths, so for me that's my deadline. @Champion 's thread with execution of his e-mail marketing company was a huge inspiration for me to start posting, this...
  8. DMNinja

    Moving the needle, and readjusting along the way

    Hello yet again! It's been a period of reflection and self-growth for me. I've moved forward, faced fears, got a further understanding of myself, and now it's the time I make this thread. My end goal is to build and maintain a civil engineering business, while creating value in the sector by...
  9. Not Most People

    Creating, Launching, And Growing A Podcast From Scratch In 2021

    My goal in this thread is to share my journey of creating a podcast and growing it from scratch. Hopefully, some of you can find value in it. My own selfish reasons for doing this is that I know constructive feedback, suggestions, and questions will help me improve. Starting from scratch I...
  10. KushShah9492

    Changing lanes

    Hello everyone. I’ve been off grid for quite sometime now, only to comeback even weaker. So, here I am, back to square one. This is going to be my progress thread(updating weekly on my progress) and I’m hoping I’d be a regular here. I have decided to scale my dad’s current business( which I’m...
  11. sifix

    The Beginning of my YouTube Journey - Inspired by James Jani

    Title's quite self explanatory, but who are you how did it begin? I'm a competitive strength athlete, nutrition enthusiast and student who's currently also pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Like the title says, I was inspired by James Jani - particularly his video about his about money...
  12. OVS

    From 9-5 employed developer to freelancer and then entrepreneur - my journey

    Hello, guys! My name is Ovidiu. I am 26 yo, living in Romania. I am currently employed as a developer. In my spare time, I built a portfolio for myself to attract clients for freelance work. I am sick of being employed. My goal right now is to quit my job, get freelance clients to build apps and...
  13. TonyStark

    Building A Forum

    I have found a community I'm passionate about and see an opportunity to build a forum around. This is pretty new to me, I've only build websites before (basic Wordpress, HTML, etc) so this should be a learning experience. I will try to update this every week to keep myself accountable to...
  14. mastermind007

    Going Off-Road, Finally - Starting A Web Design Business

    So I finally decided to take a plunge into the unknown. I've been dreaming about this for the longest time now.. Since maybe 17 years old, I'm 24 now. Too much reading and no action. So I finally decided to sign up to the program: Fox Web School I have a full-time job at the moment (web...
  15. D

    Execution: Building a Novelty toy business

    Hey Guys, I'm new the forum, I've recently started a new Novelty toy product business. Being honest, it's a business I do not think will take me to the Fastlane, but I've been using it as a vehicle to reduce my fear factor and start learning through doing. Essentially I love coming up with fun...
  16. JHZ

    Execution: Building my web design biz

    What's up everyone I've finally decided to put all my knowledge to use and start my web design company. In this thread I will post all my failures and victories along the process. Why should you care? You will se me fail, a lot. And maybe seeing my failures can help with your own journey as a...
  17. João Luz

    Starting from scratch (16 years old becoming independent from parents )

    So ... In short I hate school with all my soul, I don't think college helps me become UNSCRIPTED, my mom wants me to go to college ... so I just don't try to convince her, I need value-vouchers (3000 "reais" = $ 1000 with the high dollar) to support me. I will report every day / period of my...
  18. Not Most People

    Building/Scaling a chatbot agency from nothing in 2020

    Hi Everyone, Right off the bat I apologize for the length. I tried to be thorough with this one. I also meant to get this execution thread going at the beginning of 2020, but didn't quite get around to it. No excuses - that’s on me. Quick Background: I spent my first 5 post-college years...
  19. Kepler

    Utilizing The Summits Knowledge

    Hey everyone, My names Kepler. If you met me at the summit I’m the guy with the long hair who has a software development company. Today was great, took the push from my peers at the summit to look into virtual assistants, and to use leadership skills to achieve your desired outcomes. First...
  20. Haelios

    More Than A Lurker, A Future Entrepeneur

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth with taste. I’m currently waiting for my flight coming out of the Summit a changed man. I’m only 18 years old but I feel that the past few days will have drastic changes for the better. Lets go back to the beginning before I really...

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