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execution thread

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  1. Telamon25346

    EXECUTION Building a six figure per month business at 17

    Hello, my name is George and im an entrepreneur in the dallas area. some background before i get into this: I've been on this forum for a bit, I read Mj's book last year in winter, im currently in the middle of unscripted. but Ive since spent my time reading other books and just thinking of...
  2. Tony Tong

    EXECUTION An App A Month...Tony Tong's Execution Journal

    Hi Fastlaners, Since my last school exam ended about ~8 days ago, I've been swimming deep in the mindset of the Fastlane, while executing as much as I can. Despite the short time, I've learned so much about myself, the lifestyle I am pursuing, and gaining a clearer sense of the clarity of...
  3. Mattsaas

    EXECUTION Building & growing my SaaS tool

    Hi guys, Loooong time lurker here, and I've decided I’m going to share some of my progress. Last year I started building a SaaS (software as a service) product. Essentially this means you pay a monthly subscription to access the online tool. For people new to SaaS, this about any online...
  4. Rabby

    EXECUTION A side of rental houses

    My main, building a business execution thread is: EXECUTION - Building Industry-Specific Community -- Progress Thread But there are times every day when I just have to let the work rest, because I want to evaluate results before continuing to act. So in that spare time, since TV makes me...
  5. JCS

    EXECUTION Journey to $1K/day Selling info Products

    What’s up guys. Are you ready to make some f*cking money? Because I certainly am Call it a Gut Feeling… :humph: So there I am, faced with a choice. I’m with clients at the time, 30 hours a week. They offer me full time at 40 - 50 hours a week. Huge pay raise, double what I was making. More...
  6. Richard Gao

    WEB SCHOOL Under 18, know web design but can't get a contract because of age. Any advice?

    This thread is a more specific continuation from my previous thread: Starting Web Design/Development Issues I am 16 and I am looking to do some web design as a hustle, I tried getting started on Upwork, but they ask for ID and say you must be 18+ to enter. I am kind of stuck on what to do...
  7. A

    Is a software based solution possible to help people find a career they love?

    Four years ago I was working on a startup idea which was to create a social network for people who have similar passions so that they connect, support and share their knowledge, experience and resources with each other and help each other grow. While I was working on that idea I realized that...
  8. Rawseed

    EXECUTION Starting a fiction podcast

    I need to stop lurking and action-faking. So, I've decided to start this thread. Reasons for this thread: To force me to map out a plan of action To hold myself accountable to my plan of action To allow other entrepreneurs to learn from my future successes and mistakes To encourage Devil's...
  9. Rafael_PL

    EXECUTION My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    Hi guys, short bio at the beginning. I'm 24 years old student from Poland. Two years ago I've started changing my life. I cut off viscious circle of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Started computer science studies, works as C++ software developer in a big company. After work and school I'm...
  10. Saiful

    EXECUTION [Progress] Daily Dose to Fastlane Process.

    Hi, I'm Saiful. I'm 20 years old. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My goal is make a Fastlane internet business in 7 years. My daily progress to Fastlane. I post daily/weekly my progress.
  11. JoannaGl

    EXECUTION Selling the language courses online - my first serious try to become a fastlaner

    I've been on the forum for a while and read a lot to get know the community. Now I know it's the right place for me. So happy to be here and thank you for so much inspiration! Let's reveal today my execution plan to get on the fastlane. For sure, I need writing about it more then you need to...
  12. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Thought a lot about when would be the best time to start this execution thread. I thought about after I started raking in lots of money but then a lot of people would miss out the smaller steps it took me to get to that point. So I just decided to start it today. Currently running my own...
  13. Symphony

    EXECUTION I've Given Up on Chasing Money... Time to Start Chasing Passion

    Hey Peeps, I'll make a fairly long story, as short as I can. I got onto this forum about 3 or so years ago by now and got inspired by Sinister Lex to try out Copywriting on Upwork. I had just been dismissed from med school and had literally no idea what to do with my life. Because I'm a...
  14. PetePreneur

    EXECUTION (Entrepreneur Vlog) My Amazon FBA Journey + Beyond!

    Hey, so I've been trying to document my process via a vlog. I'm currently selling on Amazon, but wanting to expand into more in the future. Here's the story so far: Episode 1- View: Episode 2- View:

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