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entrepeneur vs employee mindset

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  1. oku

    Beginning with the End in Mind - Morning Routine.

    I've implemented the life-changing technique of setting goals before bed -- 3 professional goals, and 3 personal goals. Any more and It'd be to stay busy (not what this is about). Be effective, not efficient. After all, spare time is the ultimate luxury. Consider two men who make $50K a year...
  2. Nakhul

    INTRO Looking to escape my 8-5

    Hi everyone, I am Latchman Nakhul, officially from Georgetown, Guyana but now living in NYC. I have been reading and listening to all the amazing life changing events on this forum for a short time and it has absolutely changed my perspective on life. The Millionaire Fastlane was recently...
  3. Ksalazar

    The Partner Problem

    I have a company we are growing fast and are about to hit 300,000 Revenue in our 6 month old company but I am having an issue with a partner that is creating problems internally and my other partner and I who are doing 80% of the work want him out. Any suggestions on the solution? He has an...
  4. M11105

    How to be successful (by Sam Altman)

    This blog post by Sam Altman (President of the incubator that spawned AirBnB, Dropbox, Coinbase, Instacart, Stripe and +100 companies) is one of the most succinct and practical pieces of advice on how to become truly wealthy. It's a long piece but highly recommended: How To Be Successful...
  5. KingChuck211

    INTRO The black sheep of the family, time to prove them wrong!!!

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd introduce myself after reading other introduction posts. Names Chuck, currently 26 years old and in the middle of setting up an e-commerce business. This is the first time I have felt on the right path after being the first in my family to drop out of university...
  6. LamboKing

    How Do You See the Light When You Feel Alone/Stuck in the Dark?

    Everyone ready to have an explosive 2018? I feel 4 steps behind like I'm in 2014... Just like @JackEdwards with the job he had in the late 80's/90's. 29, no career, no business, a shitty job that BARELY makes end meat, and life seems like a dark tunnel with no possibility of light. MJ said...
  7. Ika

    Freelancing: I act like an employee, my client acts like an employer

    Recently one of my clients started micromanaging me – he wanted me to track every task in Trello and wanted me to write a detailed daily report about what I’ve done and how I’ve done it. In short: He treated me like an employee. That made me think. Normally I envisioned a client–freelancer...

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