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  1. M

    How did you go from a slacker to a hard worker?

    TL;DR: I'm looking for actionable advice that you have used to become more hardworking, which I hope will be valuable for other members with the same struggles. My Background I'm 22 years old and started studying product engineering last year. I joined this forum a few years back, but I stepped...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    From Dummy to Expert in 6 months...

    Imagine having a map to buried treasure, a journey that can change your life in unimaginable magnitude. And yet, after close examination of the map, you decide to sit home and do nothing because the journey looks difficult, or the journey doesn't come with a mentor that will hold your hand...
  3. Abhigyan

    If you get easily distracted, STOP blaming your phone/social media.

    A lot of people, after coming into this journey start blaming their phone and social media as a whole for their downfall. Yes it is true, these things DO have negative impacts on your brain, HOWEVER, it goes deeper than that. Even if you delete social media , there's a very low chance that you...

    Self-development, connections, business. Name's Artūrs/Arthur.

    Salute, The Fastlane & Comm. First of all, I'd like to say that after spending approximately an hour of deep-lurking through the forums, I must admit that I genuinely like what I see. Shout out to all the breadwinners. As for myself - I'm a business person, an entrepreneur, a hustler. Meaning...
  5. WeeksOutstanding

    Why productive people execute poorly, and my simple solution (so far)

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good start to the week! As a quick introduction, I've been a lurker on the forum on and off, but decided to take the plunge after reading @Andy Black 's posts - thanks for the encouragement I'm happy to share my background, but I thought as a first post that...
  6. T

    Starting a new year with some resolutions

    Another year went off. There was very little I could achieve. Very little to be proud of. Very little to showcase. I was very lazy, very stupid, very dumb. I did not struggle hard to achieve something great. I was being a bitch. Currently my life is f**ked up. I dream big things happening in my...
  7. JKm

    My days with discipline in korea, And it`s process from past

    Hi, i`m currently 26, male, korean. I`ve been throught a lot of crisis, but now i finally got crucial control over my life. I`ll write those past at a chronicle view. Hope this could helps anyone who needs it. (*my routine is at the bottom, you can skip to the bottom, If you`re in busy day.)...
  8. mikecarlooch

    I Got My A$$ Beat...

    I Got My A$$ Beat... It has solidified in my mind that there is only one thing that holds us back from doing anything and achieving greatness in any aspect of our lives.. It's the thing that is the reason I've personally put off so many things that would have made my life hundreds of times...
  9. K

    How My Friend Became A Millionaire

    Allow me to just rip off the band aid in the first paragraph. This story is not about how you get rich quick. Though it’s certainly a story of how one man got rich a lot quicker than most! And I’m really sorry to say this, but that was through hard work and discipline from an early age... But...
  10. D

    Weak Work Ethic - Can You Help?

    Hey, in my opinion, I have a weak work ethic. Since I am working alone all the time, and since I don’t know anybody who is self-employed, I can’t talk to anyone about this problem. Let me just explain my situation a bit. Around seven years ago I lost all my friends. I felt that I needed a...
  11. X

    Why can't I succeed already? Is something's wrong with me?

    Hey guys this one's gonna be a bit long but I would appreciate it a lot if you guys read it all because I feel like you guys could actually help me with your past experience. I feel like every thing that I try to do fails. I'm currently 17 y/o and last year I tried opening a business/niche of...
  12. RicardoGrande

    Exiting the cubicle farm and taking Web-Design full time

    Hey all! This is it! My first progress thread! I'm a FWS student, having joined back in may, and I'm on the cusp of going from portfolio work to full-time client work this month. It's sort of been hell, I was struggling with overtime at my dayjob, so I started waking up at 4:30am everyday to...
  13. lewj24

    The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Unlimited Willpower and Self-Discipline. No More Excuses.

    Warning: Extremely Long Post Do you want to achieve things but can’t force yourself to do it? Do you tell yourself you’ll change but never do? I’m going to let you in on the biggest secret your self-help guru doesn’t want you to know. I’m going to teach you how to get anything and everything...
  14. MaxT

    Self discipline

    Hi guys, I have been self-employed for a year now, and I asked myself: "do you ever fall for it, and stop working suddenly and start again the next day?" I am super motivated by my projects, and I know where I want to go, but sometimes I crack and then I regret it. I would like to be on top...
  15. D

    2 hours of cold calls a day

    I know, is not that much. But I have decided to commit to 2 hours of cold call 5 days a week. I hate it. I can't wait for the weekend. But at the same time, I feel different. I am more spontaneous in talking to people, I feel like I am doing something meaningful for myself. I feel...
  16. KonstantinosFF

    Wondering what are your productivity hacks?

    Hello everybody!! Just joined this forum and I have to say it seems pretty amazing!! I am currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of busy entrepreneurs, if there are any in this forum, a lot easier ;) That is why I have two very simple questions: 1. As an entrepreneur such...
  17. Haelios

    Move Back in with Parents and Save $$$ or Stay Independent and Gain Opportunities?

    Hey everyone. It's been a while since my last post, but I'm back and am trying to figure out what's the best path. It's been rough being out of my parents house for a few months now, I've had a bunch of setbacks from medical bills to court fees (ended up getting in a minor fender bender...
  18. Haelios

    Mindset - Where To Go and What To Do

    Hello everyone, this is the first post I'm making on an actual account but I've been lurking the forums for quite a while. I've seen plenty of good advice and just as much bad advice for what not to do, but I wanted to take action and finally step up to the plate to admit. I'm TERRIFIED of...
  19. BellaPippin

    The science of making habits stick

    Hi all, looking for some support as usual... I figured a lot of you have read/heard and looked into how it works to develop/break habits, from a scientific perspective. I've read the "The Power of Habit" and some other texts related to it. So, I want to paint, right? I want to be a painter...
  20. Tomas J

    Various "problems" starting a profitable business

    Hi there, I would like to share some problems that I am currently facing while trying to start a profitable "Fastlane" business. To clarify my current situation, I have an idea about my own business, but I am still not really working on it. Motivation/Discipline Although I was a professional...