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brand building

  1. JorgeB

    Cannabis Industry Instant & Low Cost Entry Point.

    Revolutionary program to enter the California Cannabis Industry. We have built a model to give entrepreneurs a simple and cost efficient entry point to an exciting industry that has been elusive due to a long, limited and costly licensing process. We've done all the work so you can get to work...
  2. ariceon7

    A modest start - My Newsletter! Venture in Content Creation

    Hi Fast Lane Community! I am currently reading “The Millionaire Fast Lane” and drawn on to the idea of establishing a content system. I have started my Newsletter called “Wonderletter” last month, sharing personal , career reflections, and tips on growth in finance, business and life. I...
  3. J

    Should I Create an IG Profile for personal brand purposes?

    Hello There. First, I'll make the question, then I'll give the context. What would be the first step for growing an IG to create a personal brand? This is one of my first posts in the forum, so pardon me If I wrote on the wrong topic. In 2020 I stopped using all social media except for...
  4. M

    Dont brand too early?

    I was reading a post from @Xeon and it said something about the 1 Page Marketing plan saying that at the start of a business, you shouldnt focus on branding and building a brand image, but more on CPA, sales, CPM etc. I've gotta say, I am conflicted now. It does seem right because at the start...
  5. N

    Opinions on business that is very very similar to another one

    Hello, I have an idea for a product business and have already secured trademark for my name, suppliers for what will be my perfume business, selling Eau de Parfum, Candles, Reed Diffusers, Shower Gels among other things. This is a business on the idea and concept of creating perfumes based on...
  6. OkLetsGo

    Finding the right name for your business

    Hey, I'm planning on launching my first business. I already have the idea and everything, but I still need a good name. Can anyone share some advice on how you can find a good name for your business and eventually even get a better SEO ranking because of the name?
  7. Desolation Row

    Product vs. Brand

    Hello, I have an idea for a physical product for a niche (Architects). It's a small item and relatively easy to produce, After getting some quotes from manufacturers I could produce them for about 2-3 € a piece. The sale price possibly would be in the 15-25€ range. I already started to make a...
  8. ycee

    Here's how to reach a sold-out Madison Square Garden full of customers without expensive celebrity shoutouts

    I'm about to give you a secret weapon that will change the game for your influencer program and generate a lot of sales for your ecommerce store. (it's underutilized and underestimated by most). I call it the "Go small or go home" strategy. Nanoinfluencers are usually ignored by brands...
  9. A

    Is my brand name so vital?

    I have been ruminating on the best name to give my brand for the past days and I think I'm overdoing it. I already have the entire idea and process of what I'll be delivering to the market. But all the cool names I could think of were already taken on the internet. Do you think brand name is...
  10. A.Windhelm

    Trademark...when, what, and how?

    Hey everyone. So, at the moment my husband and I have created a product, brand, a logo and a name to go with it, the only issue is, is that we don't know if we can or should trademark it yet. It isn't a big brand and we can only sell it in our state at the should we wait until we...
  11. mdot

    Watering a New Brand - mdot's Hardware Startup and E-Commerce Progress Thread

    Hi Fastlane Forum, since the beginning of the year I've been tying up loose ends on my existing projects (mostly hobby projects, no businesses) so that I can focus on my first business venture. I'll talk about the venture itself shortly, but first I'd really like to thank everyone on the forum -...
  12. Lex DeVille

    Lex DeVille's: How to Build a Kickass 4-Step Brand

    There are a lot of places to learn brand building. You can spend a lot of time and money on it if you're not careful. I spent five figures having brand materials created that I never used. My most successful branding attempts were created 100% by me for free. You can create effective brands...
  13. E

    Is paying for brand name rights a stupid idea?

    I have been looking for a good brand name for a few days and I finally found something today but it is selling for $5895, which includes a logo design and domain registration. What do y'all say to this? Is it dumb to pay that much for a name you really like? The business is online and needs to...
  14. yomtov

    Brand Creation, my story

    Hi Fastlaners... I haven't been on the forum for a while. I spend all my time on the creation of my brand for the last 5 months...a crazy journey. First, I don't know if I can give his name, but I ve been helped by a member of this forum who coached me the first 3 months and he helped me so much...
  15. MJ DeMarco

    Help craft Fastlane an effective tag line...

    As of right now, the forum's tag line is Launch a Business, Live Unscripted, Leave a Legacy. However I'm not really happy with that as it's more of a placeholder (as were the others) that I dumped in there really quick while I moved forward with other things. That said, do you have any good...
  16. 0dysseus

    The ultimate, constantly fresh list of online communities about social media, digital marketing and

    I compiled a list of communities about digital marketing, social media management or any other form of online entrepreneurship (naturally, FastLane is in it). This list was started for my own personal needs, but I soon realized it would be a useful resource to anyone interested in building a...
  17. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Making decisions about online markets

    I'm a fastlane newbie with experience in software development and have been thinking about building my own brand. However, this motivation has come from a software developer with a brand promoting the same lifestyle to thousands of other software developers. (Not sure if a guru or...) Now the...
  18. Jayden O

    The Brand Builder

    Hey Team! My name's Jayden, I'm from the Queensland, Australia. 2 years ago I left a career in media to pursue something much more meaningful to me - a life of freedom (and the opportunities that that freedom provides). I literally sold the house, packed up the family, moved interstate - and...
  19. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay’s Rare Discount Sale.

    Walter Hay’s Rare Discount Sale. A number of members have asked about buying both of my books together, so I decided to bundle them as a discounted package. Here’s the deal until further notice: BOTH BOOKS: Proven Global Sourcing - Proven Global Sourcing. 2019 edition: $97. Plus… “Create...
  20. Nelow

    The perfect place to donate all excess ideas

    Greetings thanks for taking the time to follow my brand consulting business execution. Along my journey I have picked up a few skills necessary in building a presentable business brand, Skills such as graphic design, videography, Web design, Content creation, and more recently digital...