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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Nov 5, 2020
Central California
Hey Fastlane Team,
It's been a short time since I posted or even visited the site. I got caught on a rabbit trail after reading the 10x book although that book is good, it has nothing on Fastlane Millionaire and Unscripted . Definitely learned that I am not that pushy sales guy. Haha, I even had his people calling me from phone app phone numbers with my local area code just to buy.. No thank you. Well, the reason I fell into that rabbit hole was that I was in the process of finally getting my recovery program state certified to be used in Behavioral Health and Recovery Services facilities and part of a probation department program for their clients. I was networking with professionals who oversee the government side of recovery services and everything was looking great. I received my certification packet and quickly got to work. It was so easy to fall into compliance because I already knew what it was going to take. I had intake forms, admission, policies, and procedures completed. I think I cranked out 15 policies during a 3 day weekend. As I was going through the packet, I started getting more questions. So, following their suggestions I contacted them with my questions. The answers I got were very inspiring but I started to read between the lines and something clicked for me. Everything was falling into place until I got to the section asking for building permits and zoning requirements. I knew where this was going, so I contacted the state. I was correct! For my program to become state-certified I would need to establish a residential facility or outpatient facility similar to Passions TM. That was not even close to being my idea or plan and it definitely would limit my upside potential in the number of people I can help. In addition, that would be additional overhead, actual bodies in my building during a pandemic.. Nah, I'm good. So, I started feeling very defeated. I was not going to establish a brick-and-mortar, and there was no way the recovery community is going to take me seriously. So I started to retreat.

After retreating for about a week, I got on Facebook and I was looking at old posts. I had a post from last year asking the world which program book covers caught their eye. It was a fun engagement activity, but there was a comment that reminded me why I started in the first place. So, went back to the drawing board. Because I followed the CENTS framework and I was very fluid with a business plan, it was very easy for me to shift gears. I did a complete 180 and will be bringing my program online. Yeah, I know this market is saturated a bit, but here is the big picture. I can reach the general population at the same time I can still specifically market to BHRS facilities as an outside resource for their clients. I encourage you to take a moment and look back on my past threads to get a better idea of what I'm doing and where I'm going.

With all that being said, I am nearing the end of creation and I want to go live for beta testers. If you can help me find some strangers who want free access to my program for quality feedback let me know. Once I go live for beta testing I will return here to announce it... IF @MJ DeMarco allows it.

@MJ DeMarco btw.. your book, story, material, forum, personality, and business approach are why I came back and I plan to keep pushing forward with your principals.

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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Dec 14, 2020
Good job on keeping mobile. The online world is brutal in these spaces, but with the right strategy you should have no problems.

Good luck with the rest of 2021!

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