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Aug 26, 2007
I was thinking this morning that one of the things I’d be interested in hearing is what kind of “spending intelligence†should we have? I’ve seen topics discussed among those who have “made it†about how quickly they could recoup their losses and re-establish themselves should disaster hit due to the knowledge they now possess.

The primary focus of this board is getting into the fast lane to financial freedom, which I believe to be a worthy goal and great topic and focus especially since there has never been a better time to speed up the wealth accumulation process.

My question goes to the knowledge you (those who have “made it†or are well on the way to “making itâ€) have acquired in regard to keeping the money you make. We all hear the story of people getting raises and that just means they spend more. I think the danger of traveling in the fast lane for some people is they won’t learn how to keep what they make and will run out of gas.

We hear stories of many people who win the lottery, and when you hear about them a few years later, they are worse off than before, or at least they’ve lost what they won. Why? Because they didn’t have the knowledge to hang on to it and they spent it. If someone has the habit of spending more than they make, if they find a way to make it in the fast lane, it may just be a matter of time before they’re too far over their heads anyway.

So, in relation to keeping what you make, what did you have to learn that made a difference? What disciplines/habits have you acquired? What thought processes changed for you? Was there anything you had to learn the hard way? Aside from mortgages and business loans, anything one would consider “good debtâ€, do you have any debt? Do you pay cash for the Lambo? Let us learn from your wisdom. Please don’t feel limited by these questions, they’re just to convey the idea and start the process. Anything you have learned should be of value.

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Russ H

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Jul 25, 2007
Napa Valley, CA
So, in relation to keeping what you make, what did you have to learn that made a difference?
-What disciplines/habits have you acquired?
-What thought processes changed for you?
-Was there anything you had to learn the hard way?
-Aside from mortgages and business loans, anything one would consider “good debt”, do you have any debt?
-Do you pay cash for the Lambo?


That's exaclty where this thread is going:

(at least the first part).

You might want to try it, to see what you come up with.

We'll be moving through the various steps. Every one has their own way of doing this.


-Russ H.

(. . . with apologies for hijacking this thread ;) )


Aug 26, 2007
Thanks, I hadn't seen that thread. Great post.

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
I think the biggest thing one needs to avoid is to spend as your income grows. This is the pitfall that destroys most people, even those in high income brackets.

If they earn $10K/mo, they spend $11/K month
If they earn $50K/mo, they spend $55/K month
If they earn $100K/mo, they spend $110/K month

I've been very careful to limit my personal monthly spending and would say personal expenditures go up at a 10:1 ratio. For every $10 my income goes up, I am allowed to spend another $1 on foolish things like cars and other doodads. This way, I enjoy an increased standard of living and have a large nest egg to put forth into future investments. If not, I live off the municipal bond interest, tax-free.

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