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Russ H
Last Activity:
Aug 12, 2014
Jul 25, 2007
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Jul 7, 1961 (Age: 55)
Napa Valley, CA
Innkeeper, Contractor, Project Mgr, Entrepeneur, D

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Russ H

160 kph, 55, from Napa Valley, CA

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Russ H was last seen:
Aug 12, 2014
    1. internet
      Hey thanks for the links
    2. rocknrollkid
      Good ol' Russ.
      Everytime the discussion is getting heated and I see

      Russ H is browsing this thread.

      I'm just thinking ohhh shit! Who gonna get it!
    3. MJ DeMarco
      MJ DeMarco
      You might want to change your signature --- B&P 2010 is over!
    4. Caesarion
      I just wanted to say thanks in private for saving my ass. You probably didn't realize it. When you told me to tell the truth and talk to my influential friends, that made me about 20k this month....I appreciate your knowledge.

      So much easier when you listen to wiser people! What a concept! lol. .
    5. liv42dy
      I've been away for a while, but I'm hoping to visit the forum more regularly from now on. I just wanted to let you know that I love this forum and I admire you for your achievements. All the best!
    6. SAGAD_01
      hey man...just want to ask u a question...if u don't mind
    7. PaulRobert
      No problem Russ. I am very glad I have joined. It is way different when you are an actual member than a lurker. Everyone here has made this place unique and special. Thank you for the speed also.
    8. goobers753
      Hey i was wondering do you think the hot dog cart business is ok if you run it yourself how much can you make from your first year?
    9. Gymjunkie
      Happy B-day!!! Have a great one ;) Cheers
    10. yveskleinsky
      Russ, what you said means the world to me. The world. ...Thank you.
    11. CardinalsFan
      thanks for the rep+!!! and thanks for helpin us out!
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    Jul 7, 1961 (Age: 55)
    Napa Valley, CA
    Innkeeper, Contractor, Project Mgr, Entrepeneur, D
    Your Expertise:
    Real Estate: Rehab/Fix/Flip
    Ex-home theater guy, now a RE developer (small scale)

    Music, Kids (got one), Movies, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cars, Writing


    "Control everything. Own nothing." -John D. Rockefeller

    "Don't confuse motion with action" -Ernest Hemingway
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